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by raccoonchan12

Pokemon - Tyranshia.png
raccoonchan12 Tyranshia The Banshee Pokemon
Weight : 0.91 lbs
Height : 6'01 ft
Type : Ghost/Dark Type
Ability: Insomia/Cursed Body/Soundproof
Description: This Pokemon was once known in old Pokemon Folktale,a Pokemon that brings those fooled by love and brings those closer to their end.This Pokemon was once those with beautiful voices a Centuries before they became what they are.Blinded by their beauty of voices were beated in the most gruesome way possible.Once these Pokemon appear as they are,they use Perish Song,to slowly end those who treated their past life wrong. There are Female.This Pokemon would be fine in the "Tower of Souls",the Eastern area of the Pokemon area, and around the Ocean Area of Dimire Village.This Pokemons move are the four that are listed on top,but they're basically non-Physical moves,and more of Status,or Special moves.