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Thorns: Two minutes past Twelve

by Apocolythe

Apocolythe Part 5 {end}
{Probably two??}
Woow spoilers for FE: Fates below and in the story

Soo I kinda messed up with the children thing.
It's a whole "hey there's a kid that's canonly the elder sibling (matoi) but the father's dead before the little sibling (kanna)'s there"
so my undying love for Kaze brought me to the part where I just thought "scr*w it, Kaze's the father"
But then Midoriko happened so I made them twins don't hate me please
Matoi bowed by her father's resting place by a large Cherry Blossom tree. Her white locks drifted in the breeze as the Pegasus Knight held her lance tighter. Kanna stood close by, his mossy green mane (contrasting with his sister's) becoming even more chaotic than before. Midoriko was nowhere in sight, however.
Matoi and Kanna had heard stories about their perfect father. Everything Kamui knew, she unloaded to her children - and her voice gave away the fact that she still loved him, and that she was still a mourning widow. Kaze, father to the troublemaking twins Kanna and Midoriko, never seemed to mind, yet within he was minimally jealous.
Kanna paced towards his half-sister and crouched by her. Wrapping a trail of flowers around Tsubaki's gravestone, Kanna grinned at his sister and stood back up to stride off, leaving Matoi alone. She sighed, and under her breath, murmured,
"Father, I want to be like you someday... I want to be perfect, and be loved by somebody like Mother loves you..."
And with that, she ambled away, increasing her stride to catch up with Kanna.

Kamui thought of deserting to travel the Outrealms, to find him again. She was prepared to beg for another chance; she was prepared to give up her life just to retrieve his.
Yet, a voice echoed in her mind.

{...You will live as you live in any world…with difficulty, and grief.
You will always fall in love, and it will always be like having your throat cut, just that fast.
You will always lose him.
You will always be a fool

It reminded her of thorns; you'd have no idea what would happen if you play with them, until it happened. Then there was pain and regret.
  1. Apocolythe
    Oww my poor innocent fingers and imagination all gone in the wind
    Aug 31, 2015