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Trouble at 7 Island

by ElfangorCharizard

ElfangorCharizard Fanfic
“Corsola, please come back!” Tori calls after Corsola runs of again chasing a Sandshrew. The Sandshrew decides it has had enough of Corsola’s harassing and digs a hole and disappears underground. Corsola stops, not knowing where the Sandshrew went looks up quizingly at Tori. “Corsola, how many times have I told you not too chase other Pokémon?!” Tori scolded “you can get into a lot of trouble that way.” Corsola just stares up guiltily. “Tori, supper is ready.” Calls Mrs. Koda. “Coming, mom.” Replies Tori “Come- on Corsola, it’s time for dinner.” Tori walks home and Corsola follows warily. “Don’t think you’ll get out of it so easy. No treats for a week.” Tori scold Corsola.

After dinner, Tori and Corsola went to play at the lake. First they tried to see who can swim the fastest. Tori cheated by throwing some lake weed in Corsola’s way. But Corsola defeated Tori shell skipping, but only because it used its Pokémon attacks. At sunset, Tori decide that it’s time to go home. But as she and Corsola walks through the forest on their way home, two pairs of hands grabs her. As she struggle, one of hands knocks her out. As the unknown captors drag Tori to their car they are being watched by Corsola. They hadn’t noticed the Pokémon at all. Corsola quickly decides to be a stow-away in order not to lose sight of Tori. Corsola doesn’t attack because it will be no match against them on its own.

Tori wake up to a rocking feeling. She sits up or at least try to. Her arms and legs are bound by rough rope. Her mouth is gagged, preventing her from screaming or calling for help. Tori realized that she must be on a boat of some kind. She becomes aware of a presence in the shadows. It’s the shape of a man. She tries to wriggle loose, but it is to no avail. “Sorry about the ropes, Gale. But we cannot allow you to escape. See we need you help us with, let us say, a very important project.” The man said. Tori is confused. This man believes she is someone named Gale. Tori also wondered what they want with this Gale and what they would do to her if they discovered the truth. There was a slight rocking that indicated that the boat has docked.

The unknown men took Tori from the boat and led her onto the shore. Tori saw that she was on an island. The men then took her through a forest. In the forest Tori saw some Pokémon she has never seen before. Finally they led her to a mountainous area where some more men were waiting. “We brought her, just like you asked. We want our payment.” Says one of Tori’s captors. One of the men waiting at the mountain give one look at Tori and replies: “You brought me the wrong girl. This is not Gale.” The captors start to protest: “But she looks exactly like the picture you gave us. Now you tell us we’ve got the wrong girl. This better not be an excuse to get out off paying us.”

The man just looks solemnly at them. “Gale has black hair. This girl’s hair is brown. And she looks nothing like Gale.” The man signals to the other men. “Get rid of them. And put this girl over with the cages. I’ll decide later what I’m going to do to her. Tori doesn’t like the sound of this one bit. One of the men shoves her to the cages. In some of the cages are very unhappy Pokémon. Tori recognized some Ditto and Electrode, but that is all. Tori manages to catch some of the conversations being held by her captors. She discovers that Gale is a Pokémon expert, maybe even a Pokémon Master. Tori also discover that they are looking for a Pokémon named Lugia.

At sunset the men pack-up some of the equipment and retire to their tents. They leave Tori outside without any food. Tori begins to feel depressed and hopeless. Eventually she falls asleep. Later in the night Tori is awakened by someone lightly shaking her. As she opens her eyes, she sees a young man crouched beside her. In his hands is some of the supper her captors ate earlier. “I’m going to remove the gag,” Said the man. “You need to eat something.” The man removes the gag. “I know you have a lot of questions, but please keep them for after I find a way to free you.” Said the man. Tori is confused to why this man is helping her.

As if he could read her mind he says: “I’m helping you because I’m undercover. I’m not really part of this group. And I’m also very sorry for you being here. I believe it’s my fault. I gave the kidnappers a fake picture. I thought they wouldn’t find any one. I was mistaken.” Anger sweeps through Tori, but then she realizes that he didn’t mean for anyone to be captured. “Who are you?’ Tori asks between eating. “My name is Fen.” Fen looks around and ads: “I think it’s safe for us to talk a bit. Anything else you want to know?” As they talk, Tori discovers that the Black Snake gang needs Gale because she’s the only one who knows how to awaken the legendary Pokémon, Lugia. Fen tells Tori that he has a Pokémon friend waiting in the forest for his signal to rescue her some time in the day.

Meanwhile, Corsola has gotten off the boat and made its way into the forest, lost sight of Tori and her captors. Concerned about Tori, Corsola runs wildly further into the forest until it was exhausted. Corsola stopped and surveyed its surroundings. There was a large lake and a few Pokémon Corsola has never seen before. Corsola approaches a Marowak in hope that it might help, but the Marowak just runs away. Corsola realizes that these Pokémon probably never saw a Corsola before. But then a Poliwag approaches Corsola. The Poliwag tells Corsola that it has seen a Corsola before and that its trainer abandoned it a long while ago. The two Pokémon becomes friends and starts to make a plan to save Tori.

The next day Tori is roughly awakened by the men. They were setting up some weird equipment and they forced Tori to work as well. The equipment was really heavy but luckily Fen helped her. Tori was beginning to feel close to Fen. She thought that maybe they could become friends after all this is over. “As soon as we set this box down there will be a shrill whistle from the bottom of the box and a Charizard will fly out of the forest. I want you to climb on it and ride it out of here.” Whispers Fen. But as they carried the box one some of the men hurried to the boss with an urgent message. “We have captured a Charizard camped out at Sevalt Canyon.”

The boss looks angry: “Charizard is not native to this island. It must be someone’s Pokémon. Find out if there is someone else in the forest.” Fen and Tori is disappointed. Their escape plan is ruined. Tori resigns herself to be a prisoner forever. Until an Onix starts attacking the camp. Tori and Fen notices that the Onix has a hooded rider. “Come on, let’s get out of here.” Shouts Fen. They run into the forest while the Onix finishes its destruction. But unfortunately Tori and Fen got separated.

Tori stopped in the middle of the forest to catch her breath. But she is not alone. A rustling noise from behind startles her. One of the bad guys has followed her. “Granbull, Double team and surround her.” He shouts as he summons his Pokémon. Granbull surrounds Tori and closes in. Suddenly Granbull is hit with a Pokémon attack. Tori turns around to see a beautiful Pokémon she has never seen before. The Pokémon chases of the man and returns to Tori. It motions for her to climb on its back. Tori climbs on and they race away.

Back at the mountain, Corsola and Poliwag arrives to try and save Tori, but the only people they see is the Onix and its rider. The two Pokémon tries to act brave and start to use their water attacks. Onix gets upset, but its rider calms it down and dismounts. The two Pokémon are confused. “Don’t worry little guys.” Says the rider. “I’m not going to hurt you. I’m here for the same reason you are. You’re the girl’s Corsola, right? Come-on lets go.” They walk toward the forest.

The Pokémon leads Tori to a clearing with a lake. There they wait. A dark shadow descends upon the clearing. The Pokémon immediately rears up to protect Tori. “Wait, calm down. It’s only Fen. He’s a friend.” Calms Tori. The Pokémon relaxes. Fen dismounts Charizard and walks disbelieving towards Tori. “Am I imagining things, or is that a Suicune?” Asks Fen. Tori is confused. Why so much fuss about a Pokémon? “What’s so special about this Pokémon?” Asks Tori. Fen can’t believe his ears. “What’s so special about this Pokémon? It’s Suicune. One of the three land based legendary Pokémon of the islands!” Fen exclaims.

Tori is overwhelmed with excitement. “That. Is so. Awesome.” Is all Tori can say. Tori and Fen wait in the clearing for the trainer that saved them at the mountain. They are startled by someone walking from the shrubs. The mysterious, hooded trainer greets them. “Hi, little sister.” Greets Fen. “So this is your sister, Fen.” Says Tori. “Yeah, this is Gale.” Fen responds. Tori laughs. “So that’s why you made the fake picture.” Gale hits Fen in a playful manner. “By the way, someone’s looking for you.” From behind Gale Corsola and Poliwag walks out. A Wartortle walks from the forest until beside Gale. “Oh Corsola, I missed you a lot.” Tori hugs Corsola.

Poliwag tugs at Tori’s leg. “I think Corsola has made a new friend.” Says Gale. Tori picks up Poliwag. “Of coarse you can come with us.” Tori hugs both Corsola and Poliwag. “Gale, you should see the… should have seen the Suicune.” Fen says after he notices that the Suicune have disappeared. Gale and Fen takes Tori and her Pokémon back home to Ever Grande city. Tori’s mom is so glad to see her again that they both start to cry. After lunch and a bath, Tori, Poliwag and Corsola is back to playing outside. A Sandshrew appears. Tori thought that Corsola might chase it again but Corsola doesn’t even notice it. It’s too busy playing with Poliwag.
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