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Traveler's Journal: Entry 8

by Lukenblaz

New Year's passed without any incidents. I still carried out my routine of meditating in the forest despite the dangers. The control I had over my powers as well as my ability to use them increased. With little to no effort I could know sense the auras of people around me. Along with that I was able to create larger orbs.

February began and soon approached Valentine's Day. When I woke up on the 14th there seemed to be a very faint energy radiating from the general direction of the forest. The door opened and Lavender walked in. She noticed how my attention was drawn to the forest
"Hello Max. What seems to be wrong? Please don't tell me you are going back there after what happened to you."
"Something is wrong. I can feel it from the forest. Don't follow me."
"Max please. What if one actually kills you this time?"
"It won't." I walked out of the room and headed for the exit.
Using my aura sight I noticed a faint pink trail was coming from the forest. As I traveled on I noticed more and more trees on the ground. My pace quickened and the trail soon became more vibrant. I must be getting close. This time.... I will be ready. I heard a roar from my left. I... must protect. My palms flared with aura. Calming walking I approached yet another clearing with a crater. The alien was working on taking out trees in the immediate vicinity.
The moment I step foot inside the clearing it flipped around and glared at me. I kept walking. The monster readied itself for a lunge. I kept walking.
"If you are going to land on this planet you are going to have to deal with ME." As I was closing the gap I began to charge a large orb
"The first scout you sent was killed by ME. I hope you are ready." The beast lunged.
"If that is how it shall be. So be it." I threw the sphere at the beast. It was thrown across the clearing into the crater. Yet it still managed to jump out and lunge yet again. I rolled to the left and extend the aura claws. This time I lunged first.

I dragged the unconscious beast to a wide tree and tied it up. I then walked back to the Refuge. I found Morgen's office and entered.
"I found another. It is unconscious and tied up. I can lead you to it."
"Where is it?"
"In the forest."
When we got back to the clearing the beast was still tied up.
"There it is. What are we going to do with it?"
"I suppose we should interrogate it. Are you sure it's still alive?" I walked up the the body and felt for a pulse. None.
"No I am not. Dammit!"
"Max we should head back to the Refuge. It is getting late."
"If we must I shall."
I went back to room and opened the door to find Lavender sitting on her bed.
"Hey Lavender."
"Hey Max."
Nothing else was said that night.
When is the next scout going to arrive?

End of Chapter 8