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Traveler's Journal: Entry 5

by Lukenblaz

Lukenblaz Fifth Chapter. Sorry this one is not as long as the others.
November came and went. December began with Christmas soon around the corner. I still had no idea what I wanted for christmas. Also I had no idea what I should get Lavender. Our team trained for longer times and I stayed in the forest for even longer. Eventually I was able to feed the deer from my hand. Every day I would go to the forest and every day the deer and other animals would return. A couple of nights I slept in the forest. It allowed me to clear my mind and have a peaceful sleep. When I left for the forest a couple of days before Christmas eve something felt different. I walked up to the boulder and sat down. Today the deer did not come as per usual. A few minutes after I sat down I spotted a blue dot approaching the clearing. The dot became a form and then became a humanoid shape. Fantastic. Someone has found my meditation spot.
"If you are going to be in this clearing you must meditate."
The shape sat down. After a couple of hours it got up and left. I simply ignored it leaving. Soon the deer returned and gathered around me. A few more hours passed and I returned to my room.
"Hey Max! Think of what you want for Christmas yet?"
Oh dear. It's in 3 days now. I've had something in mind but I just couldn't ask. Ah to hell with it.
"I have been thinking about it and I know now what I want. But first you must tell me what you want."
"Oh, I just want to see you happy. It seems that you have been down lately." She replied with a smile.
Well then. I hope she doesn't get angry...
"Lavender I would like to take you out on a date. The gift would be that you would say yes."
"Max it doesn't have to be a Christmas present. All you had to do was ask."
"I'm shy if you haven't already noticed."
"You aren't shy with those deer in the cle-" She stopped herself before she could finish the sentence.
"Ah so you were the one who followed me. It's alright. Besides it is getting late. See you in the morning."
Why did she follow me?

End of Chapter 5