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Traveler's Journal: Entry 4

by Lukenblaz

Lukenblaz Fourth chapter.
As the days got longer I trained harder. Eventually Lavender started training with us as well. For some odd reason she wouldn't tell me what her gift was. People came and went from the building. I made a few more friends who surprisingly were interested in the same things as I was. November now showed on the calendar and the first snow began to fall. It took a couple of days but the snow was ready for building forts and snowmen. I was one of the first outside. Other students made snow forts and snowmen but I was set on my goals. My project took a few more days but it was worth it.
"Hey Max! Nice sculpture."
"Oh hey Lavender. I thought I would bring a little bit of home here."
"What is it? I honestly haven't seen this man before."
"He was my father. A great man in his lifetime."
"What do you mean in his lifetime?"
"My father died when I was younger. Despite all our advancements in medicine we could not save him."
"Oh, I'm sorry." After that I heard someone shout my name. I looked back toward the back door of the mansion and spotted Taylor waving at me.
"One second. I think James wants me in his office."
"Alright. See you later Max. Wait before you go can I ask you something?"
"Sure what is it?"
"What do you want for christmas? I mean it is only a month away."
"Honestly Lavender I do not know. I will think about it."
"Okay. When you think of something tell me." I then proceeded to walk to my grandfather's office.

[Insert short time lapse here]

"Hello Max, please sit down." He gestured to the chair in front of his desk. Morgen had a troubled look on his face. He also looked ill.
"What is wrong? You do not look so well."
"It is nothing you should worry about. Onto what I called you here for. We found some more information on our problem. It comes from deep space. In-fact it is from a Goldilocks planet similar to ours. The planet itself was only recently discovered. One of our scientists has sent a message and it was not perceived well."
"By perceived well they mistranslated it?"
"Possibly. Now they want to destroy us. They are long past the diplomatic stage. We have about 2 years before they get to Earth. You must train and prepare your team as well."
"I will not let you down Grandpa."
"You may leave now." The door opened and I exited his office. Will I be ready before then? God I hope so. For the first time since I first came to this year I had a troubled sleep.
Why me?

End of Chapter 4