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Traveler's Journal: Entry 3

by Lukenblaz

Lukenblaz Third chapter
In my sleep I begin to hear a loud buzzing. Soon I realized it was my watch. Why is there an alarm? Especially at 6:00 am. I should get dressed though. When I was finished I heard a knock on my door. "Door's unlocked."
"Training starts at 7:30. Just tell me when you are ready to leave."
"Let's go."

The room itself looked normal enough. It had the appearance of a gymnasium. Large pads were set up on the ground as well as along the walls. Also inside was several other people training. From the other side of the room Taylor motioned for me.
"Hello Taylor."
"Hello Max. Have you found out your gift yet?"
"I think so. What is your power by the way?" A small blue orb appeared in my hand.
"Excellent. Oh and my gift is telekinesis and telepathy."
"Have you um... Used one of your gifts on me?" Please say no.
"Possibly. Hey Mr. Morgen is here."
Morgen walked into the room with a smile. "Today we have a new student. Everyone, say hello to Max."
The entire gymnasium responded with a hardly enthusiastic greeting.
"Hi everyone." and with that we all resumed training. When we were done Morgen asked to have a word with me.
"Max a new student has arrived today. As your room was the only one open we had to put them in your room. I hope this does not bother you."
"Could I have any details on this "student"?
"You will just have to see."
I looked down at my watch. Only 4:00? I may be able to go into the Forest still. And so I did.
After I arrived I went up and sat down on the rock as I did the day before. The animals gathered around me, but today they gathered closer. The blue lights began to appear again inside the animals. This time though something seemed different. Blue lines blinked into existence inside the trees as well. Wait, does this mean my power has something to do with life as well? This is turning out to be very interesting. I should probably go back to my room and meet this "new student" soon.
When I went back to my room I had second thoughts about opening the door. What if it's a major asshole and I have to live with him. I cannot deal with that again. Well, time to jump. I opened the door
"Hello? Are you Max?" a female voice responded.
"Yes. May I ask what your name is?"
"Lavender." She spun around in the desk chair and looked at me.
Daaaaaamn. Of course she has to be hot. Thanks Gramps.
"I guess we are roommates now. I am guessing the bed on the right is yours?"
"Yeah it is."
"Do you have a gift?" Why is everyone calling it a gift? Seems a little sketchy to me...
"I do in fact." With a quick motion another blue orb appeared in my hand. "I would throw it but stuff would explode so... Do you have a power as well?"
"According to Morgen I do. But I do not know what it is. So Max. Where are you from?"
"Fell's Fall."
"Never heard of it. Where is it?"
"Hasn't been founded yet. Some freaky time shit happened and I ended up here." We talked for several more hours until we practically fell asleep talking. (No there is no kinky stuff happening. Separate beds.)
I should thank Gramps for that.

End of Chapter 3