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Traveler's Journal: Entry 2

by Lukenblaz

Lukenblaz Yay second chapter.
I wake up to knocking on my door.
"Get up. You are needed in the office." Is this a school or something? Why the hell is there an "office"
"Fine. Just let me get dressed first."
When I was dressed I opened the door a young girl was standing outside of it. I shrugged and followed the girl to the office.
"I was told this was a Refuge. If so then why are there no people?"
"They are in class." Oh great. It is a school. She led me to a door simply labeled "Office" on a small plaque. "Please go inside" she told me as the door opened.
I walk in and see a man at a desk. The room itself was furnished well but not lavishly. On his desk are several papers and a small plaque that reads... James Morgen? Holy shit. This should be interesting.
"Hello Max."
"Grandpa? Why are you here? More importantly why am I here?"
"Well Max you are here because of extremely special circumstances. Do you have the gift you father gave you? It will become of use to you soon."
"Yes I wear it at all times. What do you mean it will "become of use to me?"
"Max I need to tell you something. This was never mentioned in your history books because all of the governments of the world agreed it never happened. We are being attacked by an unknown force. All that is known is it originates from outer-space."
"And we need your help." I looked behind me and saw the young girl. WHAT THE FUCK? She was outside and the door shut. You know what? Never mind that, I mean I just met my grandpa who died years before I was even born so why does it matter?
"How am I supposed to help you? I can't do anything special."
"You can. I mean your future still existed correct? That means you can do something special."
"But- Oh. I see your point. Could I have any insight on what this power might be?"
"That is for you to find out yourself. The forest would be a good place to gain insight."
"Al..righty then? I guess I will go now."

The forest did seem like a good place to "gain insight". It was extremely quiet which is odd for a forest as large as this one. The leaves and branches created a wonderful canopy and calmed me even more. A couple of large boulders sat on opposite sides. This would be a good place when I get angry I guess... Time to meditate I guess. I climbed up on the boulder and sat down.

And meditate I did. Deer soon began to walk towards me in the clearing I was in. From behind my eyelids I could see bright blue specks of light. When I opened my eyes I realized what my "gift" was. Unfolding my hands and focusing small blue orbs appeared. (WHAT A SURPRISE!) Aiming at the boulder across from me I tossed the orb. Now there is only one boulder in that clearing. I left the forest and headed for my room. A few glances at my watch told me that it was nearing the curfew of 9:30 PM. After reaching my room the bracelet began to hum. The bracelet was no longer a bracelet but a watch. Seeing as there was no need for my actual watch I put it away in the nightstand. Also within the nightstand was a journal. This may be useful... I then proceeded to write down everything that had happened today and the day before. I guess I should go to sleep now...
Sleep did not come easy that night.
What were those lights?

End of Chapter 2