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Traveler's Journal: Entry 1

by Lukenblaz

Lukenblaz This is the first chapter of many. I am only able to do one chapter at a time because of how long it takes to re-type them from my rough copy.
I wake up in a hospital. A quick glance around shows no-one is in the room at the current time. Wait. This is nothing like the hospitals we have. These people are still using I.V bags. My nostrils are soon assaulted by the rancid smell of death. What the hell...? Why does it smell like this in a hospital? Am I in the morgue or something? The door opens and I quickly lay back down.
"Hello Max? It is alright. You can get up." I look at the woman who just walked in. She looked to be about similar in age to me. And hot...
"Who are you and where am I?"
"I am just a nurse. You are in the Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia."
Philadelphia? Why am I in Philadelphia. That is a dead zone. Nothing survives Unless...
"What year is it?"
Shit. I began to hear voices from down the hall. They did not sound friendly.
"We need to go. Now" The nurse said.
"And how in the hell are we going to do that. Why do we need to go?"
"No time to explain!" In a few seconds she was out the 1st floor window and on the ground. The men were getting closer. I could hear what they were shouting now. They first started pounding on the door. I figured I should follow this mystery nurse just incase.
"Get in" She pulled up in a Lamborghini
"Is that a-"
"Yes. Get in"
No sense arguing with that. "Where are we going?"
"Can't tell you. At least not yet"
"Will you at least tell me your name? Mines Max"
"Taylor." Nothing else was said.
When we finally reached our destination I was quite surprised. Instead of a Federal Building for an agency it was just simply a large mansion in the middle of nowhere. The mansion itself looked to be several stories and even more rooms. A small fence was around the entire building.
"Welcome to the Refuge. A home for how do we say it... Gifted people. I can show you where you will stay, if you wish."
"Um.. Sure? I have no idea where anything is so that would be best." We then proceeded to where I would stay
"Here you go. Room 42. I have other business to attend to." Taylor tossed me the keys and left. I went inside the room to investigate. Nothing much other than what an average teenager uses. The bed looked comfortable enough so I sat down and looked at my left wrist. Oh thank goodness. It's still there. I inspected the bracelet my father gave me. The metal of it was heated and forged so it would be a bright blue.
[Insert Flashback theme here.]

"Max. I'm dying. Both of us know that I will not survive this. I need to you take this bracelet. It will help you in the future."

[Insert Leaving Flashback theme here]

Despite all of the technological advancements we had there was still no cure for cancer. I wonder why he gave me this bracelet. It hasn't helped me at fucking all. The watch, on my right wrist, alarm began to go off. How is it already 10:00pm? Never mind I am
exhausted. I need to sleep. Still I wonder... How did Taylor find me and why?

End of Chapter 1