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Total Pokemon Island Ep. 1 Introductions pt. 3

by Will MacDonald

Will MacDonald 30 Pokemon have arrived at Pokemon Island, all with the chance to win 1,000,000 Poke. There will be friends, enemies, love, hate, alliances, and of course, drama! I'm your host ,Slowbro, and this is, Total! Drama! Pokemon! Island!
Slowbro- And we're back! 17 contestants have yet to arrive, so let's get to it with 4 of them right now! (The Lapras approaching has a bouncing Spoink, a Taillow and Combee flying around, and a Whismur just sitting there. Suddenly, Whismur attacks Spoink)
Whismur- Aiiiiieeeee!
Spoink- Ahhh! Heeeelp! (She is falling towards the water)
Combee- (to Taillow) Quick! Force equals mass times acceleration! Let's go!
(Taillow swoops down and catches Spoink on his back, allowing Spoink to continue bouncing)
Taillow- It's alright friend. I got ya.
Spoink- Thank you. You saved my life.
Taillow- Anytime. I like your pearl. It's nice and purple.
Whismur- Aiiiieee!( he is charging at Spoink once again)
Combee- Gust Attack! (uses gust on Whismur, sending him into the water)
Slowbro- Now that you have arrived at the dock, finally, let's get you to the campsite. ( all but Whismur leave) Well, we have a problem. Magmortar, get Whismur out of there so I can continue to bedazzle my audience.
Magmortar- (sarcastically) Sure. Whatever you say, boss. (uses fire blasts on the lake but the water puts the fire out and Whismur is still out there. Whismur is then run over by the next Lapras which has a Turtwig, Flabebe, Bulbasaur, and Fennekin)
Slowbro- Ooh goody, more guests.
Magmortar- Harumph!(storms away)
Fennekin- Wow! Some attitude, am I right?
Bulbasaur- Exactly! I thought my mother had a bad temper, but this is worse.
Turtwig- That is indeed the victim of a terrible boss. By the way, is anyone else here interested in architecture?
Flabebe- (with a hint of sarcasm) I am in my spare time.
Turtwig- Indeed. I knew that from the moment I looked in your fairy eyes.
Flabebe- uh....thanks? Woah!( loses balance and falls off Lapras. Turtwig uses Vine Whip and pulls her back up)Thanks Turtwig(sarcastically again).
Turtwig- Anytime, beautiful.
Bulbasaur- There's another beautiful thing right beside me. (gestures at Fennekin)
Fennekin- Oh, me? Why thanks. You're cute yourself.
Slowbro- Ladies and gentlemen, please stop flirting, get Whismur out of the water, and get to the campsite! We'll skip ahead a little bit and introduced the others at the campsite!

30 mins later at the campsite
Slowbro- ok, so we have Mudkip
Mudkip- I sense that something weird will happen.
S.B.- The rivals Deino and Axew (are fighting) Golett and Mienfoo
Golett- Like my rock fists?
Mienfoo- Sorry, can't talk. I have to stay on my guard.
S.B- Swirlix and Swinub
Swinub- I'm going to go talk to some of the others. Here's your football (throws a football at Swirlix)
Swirlix- I got it! I got it! ( is crushed by football's impact) owwwww!
S.B. Ooh, that's gonna leave a mark. Spinarak and Cranidos
Cranidos- Well it was nice meeting you Spinarak.
Spinarak- You too. (Cranidos leaves. Spinarak turns head and rolls eyes)
S.B.- And there you have it. What will the teams be? What alliances will be made? Who will make the next flirt. And who will be eliminated first? I'll see you next time on Total! Drama! Pokemon! Island!
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  1. Will MacDonald
    Will MacDonald
    Nice! I'm also looking for cowriter(s) if you're interested.
    Dec 22, 2014
  2. NocturnalNetwork
    What about Team Old School (gen 1/gen 1 through 3) and Team New Age (gen 6/ gen 4 through 6)?
    Dec 22, 2014