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Top Ten Scariest Pokémon Creepypastas

by GavinDavis

GavinDavis My personal list of top ten scariest Pokémon creepypastas.
10. Creepy Black

Pokémon Creepy Black is one of the three pokémon creepypastas mentioned at the beginning of Pokémon Strangled Red, along with Glitchy Red and Lavender Town Syndrome. The reason it's at the bottom of the list is because there is literally nothing scary about it. It's about a version where you get a ghost as a starter, which knows curse. Curse makes the screen go black, and when it comes back, whoever you used curse on is gone. In trainer battles, when you battle them again, they will no longer have the pokémon you used curse on. After winning, you can use curse on the trainer, and after that, they will be missing from the the overworld.

09. Strangled Red

This particular cartage was found in the trash. It was ripped slightly around Charizard's neck. The creepypasta overall is really creative, but not very scary at all. You start out with a level 5 Charmander, named 'Miki', and your player name is set to 'Steven'.
Before I tell you the scariest part about it, you should see the creepypasta.
The scariest part is when he strangled uR0Vw3h (a.k.a. Miki) at the end.

08. Rotted Yellow

This one started with a boy handing in a Pokémon Yellow game, saying his pokémon kept dying, and the game kept freezing in the same spot. The Pikachu on the cartage had its eyes scratched off. Afterwords, the narrator played the Pokémon Yellow game.
I can't really describe the scariest part, as the little bit of creepiness in this creepypasta is spread out throughout the creepypasta. "Pokemon- Rotted Yellow" - YouTube
07. Lost Silver

The game starts up. It freezes at the game freak logo. Then your taken into the game. The player's name is ... ...'s pokémon were unown spelling LEAVE, and a cyndaquil named HURRY. ... was in a room of the bell tower, but there were no trainers, and no stairs. ... walked around the room, and finally found the stairs behind the column. This creepypasta isn't particularly scary, the party is just different every time it is checked. Pokémon Lost Silver – Creepypasta Wiki

06. Easter Egg - Snow on mount Silver

A story involving a game shark, a game shark code, and a Pokémon Silver Game.
Easter Egg - Snow On Mt. Silver - In-game Footage - Behind the scenes
05.A Strange Dream
04. Blue's Tears
03. Goodbye, Pikachu
02. Pokemon - Blue
01. Tarnished Gold (the only one that actually scared me)
  1. EtherealHaze
    The only ones I have read are Creepy Black and Snow on Mount Silver, none of them scared me one bit XD I might Read Tarnished Gold and see if it scares me. I'm not easily scared though.
    Oct 29, 2014