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Timbare Village

by raccoonchan12

Timbare Village.png
raccoonchan12 Another small Region I thought of.I was bored,since I hadn't have any idea for my drawings.So,here it is,Timbare Village.
You can enter from the little outhouse in the bottom middle house.You can see a Statue of a Giratina.The Statue of the Pokemon in the Distortion World,is made in there as there guard or there idol.There is a Camera hidden inside the statue.If you head in the building on top of the lake,there is a door,behind the boxes and flower pot on the top right corner.You can head to the 3rd Door on the Red Side with a window in it.
There is no Pokemon Center,but if you walk to the Woman in the Shopping Center on Top,she can heal your Pokemon.The Archeologist next to her,can sell you some items that can help you.He can also sell you Revival Herbs.At the Flower room near the Lake,there is a room of Women inside - 1 Elder,1 Adult,1 Teen,and 1 Child -If you talk to the little girl,she will give you one of the 6 Berries here - Oran Berry,Sitrus Berry,Pecha Berry,Chesto Berry,Leppa Berry,or a Lum Berry.
The house with the Machop - which is holding bread,not gold - is a Bakery.You can bring berries,or herbs and the owner will make you some food for your pokemon that can help you with your pokemon's IV Stats.The other side of that house,is just a Gardenhouse & Shed.There are some Machops in the area that helps the people with constructions.To learn more about them,you can talk to the couple in the house at the Bottom Right corner.
in the lake there are a small variety of Pokemon.
Lake,when using Swim; Goldeen,Magikarp - Level 15,Ducklett,and Chinchou
Old Rod:Magikarp - LV 5-10,Luvdisc
Good Rod:Alomomola - Lv 20-25,Lanturn - Lv 24-32,and Gyarados -Lv 24-30
Super Rod:Gyarados - Lv32+,Relicanth -Lv 34+,Milotic Lv38+ - a very rare pokemon to catch -,Seaking - Lv33+,and Gorebyss or Huntail (Depending on which side of the lake you're on - Gorebyss on the Top,Huntail at the Bottom) They are a very rare Pokemon to catch.More Rare,than Milotic.They are both Lv 36+ or 42+.

*P.S if you see next route,it was my Mistake.I meant to put next area.There is another area called,the Timbare Fields.It is an area where other people lives at and more Pokemon around living in peace.There is no wild Pokemon to catch there.But you may see some Pokemon that can be registered in the Pokedex.*