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Timbare Fields

by raccoonchan12

Timbare Fields.png
raccoonchan12 The Garden on the Upper part of the Timbare Village.Like from the Timbare Village description on the P.S section says,"It is an area where other people lives at and more Pokemon around living in peace.There is no wild Pokemon to catch there.But you may see some Pokemon that can be registered in the Pokedex"The Pokemon Changes everytime whenever you head to a different town,route,and when you come back.The Pansage,Pansear,and Panpour are always there,and they will play a game with you.You will play Hide and Seek with them,if you find all of them,they will give you a red/blue/green shard,or a Berry *Cheri,Chesto,Rawst,Pecha,Leppa,Oran.* The area is known for its enormous fields offlowers.The Stone Pillars were known for the Meteorites that landed on the Timbare Fields,long before it was a field of flowers.They said,that the meteorites that landed there were used to make those 12 Pillars.Years later,the hills then became a meadows of clean and beautiful fields.A family of Pokemon Breeders came up there,and build a house and made a playground for wild and carefree pokemon to play and have fun.Another house was made there where a Woman and her child is living at,and waters there little plants,and then plants them around the area.
*The 2 Pokeballs you see have these items,a Silk Scarf,and a Blue Flute*