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The World Of Pokemon!: The World Of Pokemon #2

by PikaLink12

PikaLink12 the second installment of the world of pokemon chapter one and a sneak peek of chapter 2
"so what your name"? asked the oshawott "My name is Max"... said the kid who might be a pokemon... "Well Im Osh the Oshawott"!
"And if your not a pokemon then why do you look like a swinub"?

"WHAT"?!?!?!?! "DO I LOOK LIKE A SWINUB"!?!?!?! "Yes" 030 "you do" said Osh
"well im a human!" Max exclamed! "well well well" they both heard.
"What was that or who"?!? "it was me!" said a Tepig that just leaped out of the bushes.


"Whats your name"!? they both exclamed "my name is Tepig duh".


same thing as last time longer chapters blah blah blah goodbye