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The Utah region: The Utah region, part 2: Starter Pokémon?...

by Rio1ink

Dan was having another dream, about the Utah region...
“Uh, I sure hope we can get there really soon,” Dan thought to his self.
“Hey? Dan?,” asked the Professor, “You awake?”.
“Uh, where are we?”.
“Take a guess!”.
“The Utah region?”. The Professor nodded as if he was saying yes.
“YES!!!,” “I can now get my new Pokémon!”.
“Hold on! Since you've said that you're here the same reason I'm here‚” “We're gonna explore!”.
“I wish I hadn't said that” Dan thought to himself.
“Come on!‚” “But first, I must book a hotel”.
“Okay” Dan said. Dan, and the Professor went to a cab, and booked a hotel.
“Okay, lets start of at the safari zone,” “I'm sure there will be a lot of new Pokémons there”. Dan, and the Professor explored the safari zone for hours.
“Where to next?” asked Dan, tiredly.
“To the Pokémon museum!” exclaimed the Professor.
“Great, yay” Dan said tiredly. When they got to the museum, they saw a lot of fossil Pokémons.
“Look Dan, a Triadactyl!,” “It says that it has been dead for over a million years!” .
“Wow!,” “I wonder what it looked when it was still alive”.
“Dan, quess what?”.
“You will know when we get there”. They went to the Professor Fern's lab.
“Hello! Fellow professor!” said Professor Oak.
“You're here!,” said Professor Maple, “Now, who's this little one right now?”.
“I'm Dan, from Kanto” said Dan.
“Now, which starter Pokémon would you like to choose?”.
“Starter Pokémon?”. Dan had completely forgotten about his starter Pokémon.
“Alright, and before you choose, heres your very own Pokedex”.

Finished part 2, wait for part 3...