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The story of Sun and Moon: The story of Sun and Moon(Chapter one)

by Leafy the Leafeon

Leafy the Leafeon
Chapter One
Blazewing purred as she glanced down at her two beautiful kits.The fluffy orange queen bent her head an licked each of their tiny heads an curled her tail around them.Small squeaks of protest escaped them as the two kits where pushed closer to their mother's belly.A shadow of a cat filled the nusery enterance before the cat slipped in."How's our kits doing BlazeWing."Came the rumbled of MarshStar.The massive tom smiled down at her an nuzzle the queen's pelt affectionatly.

The dark brown tom flicked his black capped tail as the blazing yellow eyes of his mate looked up at him."They're fine MarshStar."
She said firmly pinning her ears back,worry flicking through her eyes at the though of something happening to them.A soft sigh escaped him before the clan leader settled down behind her,grooming her flank."Your right BlazeWing.Our kits are fine."He purred reasurringly.The golden she kit squrimmed away from her mother and started to walked over her brother.The pure black kit started to flick his tail in annoyance.Laughing MarshStar picked the golden one up by her scruff an set her on the nursey floor."There Sunkit now your not being crowarded by you mother and brother."He mewed watching her.Electric blue eyes stared up into his pale blue ones."Daddy when can me and Moonkit play in the camp?" she asked pouncing on to his long dark tail.

"Yeah dad when can we go out and play?"Moonkit pipped up scrambling over the large form of their mother.His dark cobalt blue eyes shone before he tumbled from ,BlazeWing's back.BlazeWing rolled her eyes an flicked her tail on top on the young tom."When your a little bigger sweetheart."She mewed watching Moonkit play with her tail.MarshStar sighed an shook out his pelt and glanced at the bright camp."Speaking of camp,I have a clan to control."He grouned flicking his ears down in mock sadness."Mabey I'll just stay in here with you queens and chitter all day."He mewed winking at Blazewing.The pure white queen narrowed her eyes an the tip of her tail began to twitch slightly."Dont get me wrong,MarshStar we love you and all but..... No kits no staying in the nursey."IceHeart mewed.Laughter came from all the older cats in the den.The slightly bigger bundle of red fur poked his head over the she cat's tail."But it's so boring listening to them."Bloodkit whinned looking up at their leader.

Shaking his head at the young cat ,MarshStar flicked his tail in a surrender."I can see when I'm not wanted."He said lifting his muzzle in mock outrage.Still laughing BlazeWing stood up and nugde her mate from the den."Alright you overgrown furball get out of here an let the kits and us get some sleep."She mewed licking his fur flat.The two older cats purred before going their seperate ways.Turning around,BlazeWing looked at her kits who had scampered to the enterance of the den.Sighing BlazeWing glanced back at the other two queens.The she looked exhausted from their one kits.Shaking her head the orange queen glanced down."I'll watch the kit's as they play for a little while."She mewed.The calico queen and snow white queen glanced at eachother before looking at her sheepishly."Would you?"HazelDawn asked as her kit scrambled off of her pelt.BlazeWing noded smile kindly at them."Yes ,Come along kits.Today your playing out here.But don't get in the other cat's way"She warned at all five young kits raced out of the nursey.

Once out of the nusery,Sunkit and Moonkit looked at each other excitement pouring from them.Sunkit could barely sit still.Without warning the golden she kit took of to the appertince den."Sunkit."Came a chorus of mews as the three toms chased after her.Moonkit soon broke away an charged after her.Letting out a shocked mew of her brother coming at her Sunkit quick skitted around the giant pile of fresh kill.Moonkit not being about to turn as quick slammed right into it.The coblat blue eyes stared up at the sky slightly dazed.Three face slowly came into his vision.Sunkit's Golden one,Bloodkit's red on and The multi color face of jaggedkit."What's amatter can't control your turn?"Teased Sunkit.Her whiskers twitching in amusement."His alright mom!!"Sunkit yowled stepping back for him to sit up.

A young grey striped appertince paded over shaking his head."Where we're you going in that kind of rush?"Eaglepaw mewed righting the prey that had been knocked off the top of the pile.Moonkit glanced down at his paws , he flattened his ears "I -was - I mean " he stammered.Sunkit reared up an placed her paws on the bigger toms legs.Trying to get nose to nose with Eaglepaw."Hey don't yell at him."She hissed her tail lashing.Moon kit,jaggedkit an Bloodkit all just stared at the little she cat picking a fight.Eaglepaw let his eyes widen."He just needs to be more careful."The grey tom said looking at her with a grin."Easy Oh firey Sunkit.I only was doing my duty."He mewed flopping on the ground.Taking the advanage Sunkit flicked her tail to the other's "Get him."She hollered scrambling onto the older cat.Laughing the other kits joined in on attacking the appertince.

A shadow fell over the five playing cats.Smiling Eaglepaw leaned up an grinned at the clans deputy."Jadeflight I've been attacked by tiny warriors from lionclan.Help."He mewed as bloodkit pulled on his ear playfully.The pale she cat shook her head."If kit's can get you down we should all be worried."The she purred in amusement.Looking down at bloodkit and the rest of the ,Jadeflight noded to the ground."I'm sorry kits but I need my appertince."She said flicking her tail.Small cries of protest escaped the kits as they slid off of the appertince."Thats's not fair ."Jaggedkit mewed pouncing on the deputy's tail.Sunkit sighed an looked at her paws."Now what are we going to do."Moonkit asked padding over to his sister.The dark kit watched at both of the others before watching his sister again."Mabey we could go explore."Bloodkit mewed flopping down on his side.Jaggedkit narrowed his eyes an pawed at the other tom."Thats'd going to get us in trouble.We'd never be let back out of the nursey until we we're Warriors"He exclaimed.

~ that sounds like my kind of trouble~ Sunkit though glancing over at Bloodkit with a grin and then turned to her brother.A new look had come into his eyes as well."Are you think." she began as he finshed."What i'm thinking?" the two kits laughed an rubbed against each other."Moonkit bowed his head an flicked his tail for the the other two to come closer.Once their head where basically touching ,Moonkit grinned."We're going to escape into the forest...But in two seperat groups." he mewed poking his head up from the group to look around the camp.None of the warriors elders queens or appertinces had even glanced over at the plotting kits."I'll go with Bloodkit and Sunkit you go with Jaggedkit."He mewed pointing out the groups."Together the four of us will cover the whole clan territory!!!!!!"He exclaimed bouncing away from the group.

Jaggedkit gulped as sunkit started to the right not waiting for him.Shaking his head the torieshell tom scrambled after the golden she."H-hey wait up."he panted pulling even with her.The electric blue eyes narrowed as she turned to look at him.The enterance of the camp was in full view an they only had a few seconds to get through it."Look scaried kit if you don't want to come with me .Stay here." she snapped.Without another word Jaggedkit shoved pasted her an dartted into the tunnel.-Scaried kit?Him .No never - His fur fluffed out in anger at her words.Waiting in the tunnel he watched as the shadows coated sunkit's golden fur.It looked let someone had made her in a dark red now.Her electric blue eyes glimmed as sunkit came closer to jaggedkit."Well do now...Run"She mewed with a laugh as she took off through the tunnel.Smiling the young tom chased after,small blurs pulling his pelt and dead leaves sticking in their pelts.All that both kits heard in the long tunnel was the pounding of their paws.A small speck of light rapidly grow as the two eruptd through.Sunkit turn her head to look at him over her shoulder."We did it..We're free."Sunkit said softly.Jaggedkit noded his head an licked his chest .

Bloodkit rolled his eyes as he followed moonkit through the undergrowth.Their smaller bodies worming against the roots and branches. The blood red tom blow the black toms tail off of his nose."Moonkit....What are you doing ?"He hissed crawling to the side of him.Bloodkit's ears flicked down .now he saw what the other kit was watching.A small patrol was passing by with fresh prey dangling from their jaws.-Please let the scent cover ours.- he though excitement rushing through his blood.Moonkit smiled and licked his lips as he watched the hunting patrol walk on by."All of us only have one more moon to go before we are appertinces."The shadowy black tom pulled free of the bush as his tail curled against his body.Slower then moonkit ,Bloodkit crawled out from under the bush."No more nursey for us after that." he mewed looking at his paws.Every cat had to leave there one day.But shaking his head bloodkit glanced up at the rooftop that was made of the dark leaves of trees.Everything seemed so different now that they had left camp for the first time.Moonkit sighed an his tail dropped."Mabey I should have kept us all together...Sunkit and Jaggedkit could be hurt."Bloodkit blinked as he listen to the words of the tom.Just as him was about to reassure moonkit a pair of jaw clamped down on his scruff lightly.Struggling with no away of escaping bloodkit hung limp in the cat's jaws.Glancing over he saw moonkit in someone else jaws too.The tom was fighting like his life depended on it.His black claws swiping at the she cat that held him.

A pretty rusty red tiger tabby she cat angled her head up as she held the fighting black kit in her jaws."MarshStar tell you kit to relax.Before he claws my eyes or something."Hawkfire mewed her voice muffled by moonkit.Moonkit froze an blinked his eyes going wide.The patrol had circled around the two cat that held him an Bloodkit.A shiver went through moonkit.His father's form stepped out of the circle.Amusement made his whiskers twitch, but his eyes were stern."Moonkit......"He began.Sitting infront of Hawkfire an the kit."You know that you're not suppost to be out of the camp...You're mother is frantic."The bigger tom shook his head "Where are the others?"He asked his voice taking on a hard edge.Sometime Moonkit forgot that his father was the leader.."I dont know...Honsetly." he mewed not wanting to squeak on his sister."She probly headed back home."He lied to his dad.Gulit scrathed at his stomach.Bloodkit glanced down an looked at the darker red paws that boarder on a dark brown.Shame rushed through him an the tom pinned his ears down.He had gotten catch by his father,TalonFleet.Sighing the others glanced at each other an started back.MarshStar shrugged his shoulders having no way to say he was liing."I'll think of what your punshiment shall be."He stated before walking ahead of Hawkfire and TalonFleet.

Sunkit sighed an got to her paws .Her and Jaggedkit had ran and walked through the forest.Her paws hurt and she wanted to go home.But sunkit would not leave the forest with out her brother or bloodkit.Slowly she resumed pacing in a circle.Her pawprints covered by new tracks of her that had started the other way."We should just head back,sunkit.Your brother and Bloodkit probley already saw what they wanted to and went back to camp."He hissed for the fifth time.It was slowly starting to get to Sunkit."If you open your mouth and say that again Jaggedkit.I'm going to hurt you."She snapped pausing to glare at him.Her tail lashed behind her as the two stared at each other.Jaggedkit snorted and dropped his gaze ."Fine I wont say that." he grumbled rolling a small pebble around under his paw.A soft russle of leaves startled the young she and Sunkit jump whipping around to catch a glimse of a large fluffy tail with a single black stripe that divide the reddish coat from the white tip.Fear flooded through her.There was a fox .And they where out in the forest alone."This is what i meant when I said trouble."Jaggedkit hissed flatting to the ground an crawling closer to her.Sunkit slaped her tail over his muzzle.Her wide blue eyes turned an looked in his pleading for him to shut up.

Jaggedkit swallow a fright fill moun an noded.The scent of Sunkit drift to his nose which brought back the scents of the nursey.Calming down enough he backed up so her tail fell away from his muzzle.A loud snap echoed from behid him.Glancing down he say the broked twig that layed under his paw an glanced up in horror.Sunkit's head was turned to him eye wide.Looking above her he watched as the fox leapt from the bushes.-No- he though racing infront of her only to get battered to sthe side.Jaggedkit hit the ground with a hard thump.His body bouncing a few times.White spots had formed in his vision , as he struggled to sit up.The fox towered over Sunkit .The golden kit 's pelt fluffed out to twice its normal size.Barks and snarls rang out from the male fox as it stalked forward."Sunkit Don't"He yowled pushing his lower half off the ground.But she had already leapt onto the fox's deadly jaws an was clawing like a wild cat"Don't touch my den-mate you dog breathed thing." she hissed looking into its amber eyes.