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The Sanctuary of Shiny Dragonites

by Dertholntez

Dertholntez The sanctuary is filled with gleaming flowers and the walls carved with ancient stories of the mighty Dragonites. The place seems to be open to the fondest of the dragon riders or users of the Dragonite itself.In this holy place , it holds a pantheon of explorers who have ventured in to the sanctuary . The pantheon rises so high it reaches the purple and blue sky. Though in such a holy place , there is a cave which is restricted to any Dragonite or human. So what is inside that cave? It is indeed a mystery.
I am Seth . A normal trainer in the Citadel , a city in the region of Relundas. I came here after beating the Elite Four of Kanto and Unova.To my sight of the Citadel, I see lots of celebrities such as Sabrina, the psychic gym leader of Kanto , Lance the Champion of Johto and many more.I only came here as a break really. I do wonder why are the celebrities of other regions are here, maybe because there's some event or something.

There was also another question I had in mind when I was here.I heard some people talking about a mysterious sanctuary in the skies of Relundas. I thought how could a sanctuary be in the sky,maybe it was floating ? I don't know.They were also people talking about the same sanctuary but they see mysterious figures flying out and flying back in. They said it could be a certain dragon Pokemon.Maybe I should ask Lance.

I go to a nearby taxi and I tell the driver what's with the celebrities.According to the driver, he said there is a Pokemon battle event only inviting all elite Pokemon trainers , champions of regions , elite four of any regions and gym leaders of any regions.So he told me I'm going to need to go to a place called the "Grand Avenue".I decided to walk then waste money ( Yes, I'm a cheapskate )

I arrive at the "Grand Avenue" and see bright chandeliers, fancy wallpapers , people wearing either a luxury tuxedo or a air gown ( the Mona and Griezelda type). So I went to look for Lance.I spent nearly an hour probably circling around the avenue looking for Lance when he was actually in the V.I.P seat section.I only realise that I'm going to need a V.I.P pass.So I ask the receptionist and she says I'm going to need to get the pass from the guard at the V.I.P seat section. I walk up to him as though he was a brutish pirate or some sort of angry and mighty person . I ask him by trying to sound gentleman speak. He just stands there and gives me a strange glare and says to me "Wait you're that boy from Kanto." I agree by nodding my head vigorously and he gives me my pass . I was actually quite surprised that he let me in.

I walk up next to Lance's seat and I say "Hi" quite awkwardly.He tries to examine me as though I was a treasure chest in a Final Fantasy game.He says to me "Hi,I know what you're here for." I gave a strange look and chuckled quietly and say "No , you don't know what I am here for." He gives a "really" face and says " You're here to know about that sanctuary right ?" I nod and say " How do you know?" He quietly says to me " There were a few people who asked earlier." I told him " So , what do you know?" He gives me a paper , an old paper with a dreadful smell. I asked him " What's this?" He points his index finger to a black circle on the paper and let's go his finger .
I have a strange look on my face and keep silent . He tells me "Follow the paper , it will lead you to what you desire." He sounded like a philosophist but it was all he knew.

I quickly just run out of the avenue still with the V.I.P pass and I end up on a ship bridge. I look around the place and it looks like an abandoned harbor . The ships with broken wooden ship thingies . I take out the paper and I look closely.It's a map! So that's what Lance was telling me. Looks like I'm going to need solve this "puzzle". I take another look and it looks like a man with weird features riding on a dragon. The only hint I got was "Only the fondest hearts of a dragon rider". The puzzle seems complete but there is still lot to do. A shining bright purple light suddenly shone on the paper and cleansed the grime and the dreadful smell of the paper.A giant door with wraiths of flowers and a fancy carving on the opening of the door opened and the door smashed on to the ground with a mighty force.

My face written with excitement at the same time a strange expression looked upon this door. I took a quick look at the paper again as I heard whispers saying "Only the fondest hearts of dragon riders or users may enter inside the Sanctuary of the Shiny Dragonites".I took another look at the paper and all the details of it were gone in a flash.I look astounded but I said to myself "I used to have a dragon Pokemon,but how come I could enter?" I took small steps approaching the door and entered inside . I looked around as many shiny Dragonites were flying and the flowery plain moving with the wind.The sanctuary was filled with gleaming flowers and the walls of some ancient ruin carved with the ancient stories of the mighty Dragonites.I walk around the sanctuary as I see a tall circular block written with names on it.

I touched the object, it seem't like a pantheon written with the past explorers who ventured here a long time ago.As I walk,the Dragonites seemed to always fly over me even some walk with me.It was a "beyond your imagination" place . As I walked through, I see a cave, a dark cave filled with cobwebs and dead animals. I tried to come inside but as I went inside,the Dragonites started shivering and started turning blue . I gulped and went in the cave . The cave had only a straight path but as I walked , the colours of the cavern changed from green to blue to red.I noticed as I walked, the colours also became darker.I came to a certain spot which had a big hole under me.I tried my luck and jumped inside the hole but still survived.

There was a sandy shore filled with jewels and rotten stalagmite . I went on it and examined one of it. It looked really prescious . I heard a loud growl coming deeper inside the cavern . I went on and to a certain place which shivered my spines . The place was green and it looked like a ruined throne room . A large dragon fell down with a very noisy debris cracking noise in the walls . I looked closer , to my eyes! A golden Dragonite! It stood up and gave me a glare but then gave me a friendly look.I was surprised......very surprised.
It swooped me on his back by using his tail and flew me back to the flowery plain . Arriving back on land, I felt different than I did when I entered the sanctuary.It felt like home . So yes , yeah I know cliche right , but I ride on them freely and at the same time enjoyed a lot here.So , welcome to The Sanctuary of the Shiny Dragonites!
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