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The Reptile Dilemma part 3

by Happy Kitty Kat

Happy Kitty Kat Reptile has been enhanced somehow and is being sent to Earthrealm for their first job...
Disclaimer: I don't own Mortal Kombat all characters and references were all originally made by Netherealm Studios.
Well we made it to Earthrealm, still as green as ever, but at least the air is nicer here. "Reptile, check her out." Noob elbowed me. I rolled my eyes but, I took a closer look... That's not any girl, the magenta cloak, the sai's... My eyes got wide. "What reptile is something wrong?" Asked Noob. I looked at him and ran after the magenta woman. "Ahh!" Said the mystery woman after I tackled her. "Whoever you are, get off of me!" Croaked the mystery woman. Wait... She has no clue who I am? I looked at my hands and they were human flesh... I gulped. The mystery girl stabbed me in the chest with her sai and then ran off. "Damnit Quan why didn't you tell me I was human!" I cursed. A thundercloud came down and started to swirl. "Come with me lone warrior!" Damnit I don't have the time to come with this dude! Noob ran up next to me, saw me laying there and stroke a fighting pose. "You don't come near him you, thing!' Warned Noob. The swirling stopped and it showed itself... It's Raiden... "Raiden!! Just the man we were looking for!" I shouted and then I slowly got to my feet... "And who are you?" Asked Raiden. Noob looked at me and then said. "This was Reptile, now its Quan Chi's masterpiece." Right after he said that something knocked Noob and Raiden into the sky! "You will die!" Said the thing. "Motaro!" I said, "You will die today, not me!" I jumped and pushed a force ball at him. It knocked him back and he growled, he started to charge at me, so I uppercutted him in the chin and he fell to the ground. "Shall I kill you!?" I asked. "No! Don't" Raiden shouted as I was walking over to him. "We need to ask him questions!" Raiden suggested. "OK you grab Noob and I'll grab Motaro" I said. Step 1. Complete: get Raidens trust.