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The Reptile Dilemma part 2

by Happy Kitty Kat

Happy Kitty Kat Reptile has sided with Scorpion, and Scorpion has decided to take him to the Netherealm. Will he be able to be part of the alliance, and at what cost?
Disclaimer: I do not own Mortal Kombat all characters and references all are created by NetheRealm Studios.
I thought I hated summer, but in the Netherealm that is a different story. "Reptile your sweating like crazy, you think you can keep up before you pass out?" Asked Scorpion. I growled at him which he kinda took offensively. "Scorpion why are you taking this reptilian to Quan Chi?" Wondered a mysterious voice. "Noob he's going to join our alliance, he just needs to get used to this heat." Stated Scorpion again. I was on my knees panting like crazy. Noon Saibot looked at me and summoned a portal. When I got up I was right at Quan Chi's feet. He drew his sword. "No wait he's going to join us, he just doesn't like the heat since he's cold blooded." Warned Noob. "Did any of outworld follow you?" Asked Quan. I shook my head and he sheathed his sword. "Very well but, we need some work to do, a lot of work." Said Quan and he looked at me. "Master, what are your orders?" Asked Scorpion. "I have no orders just stay here." Quan Chi put me on a work bench and started casting some magic. I looked up and I felt flaughed, eally funny... Noob Saibot was there staring at me, I don't know why he was but it was weird... Next thing I know is Scorpion is slapping me so I wake up... I guess I fell asleep. I opened my eyes and automatically noticed my enhanced senses were gone. "You feel okay Reptile?" Scorpion asked. I looked at him wondering what Quan Chi did to me. "Sir, its finished, the transformation is complete." Scorpion hollered. Quan Chi walked over to me. "Okay Reptile, you might not know what's going on now but, you will definitely feel faster and stronger." Quan Chi said to me in a tone that he usually doesn't say. "Saibot take my masterpiece to Earthrealm, we've got some work to do, Quan Chi laughed, "We are going to form an unstoppable alliance! A deadly alliance!"