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The Reptile Dilemma part 1

by Happy Kitty Kat

Happy Kitty Kat Reptile wants his family back, and with the stupidness of Milenna... He might find a way!
Disclaimer: I don't own Mortal Kombat all references and characters go to NetherRealm Studios.
Now that Shao Kahn's dead. His daughter Milenna has took his place and has chose me as her assistant... Me? Reptile? As assistant? She probably likes me because I only hiss and growl. Something zoomed past! "Reptile!" Milenna yelled. I looked at her. "Go check it out now!" Milenna demanded again. I follow the dark figure down to the ally... "You shouldn't have come here for me!" Warned the dark figure. I couldn't talk so I hissed loudly. "You should realize that me and you have the same objective!" The dark figure said. Same objective? Now I'm interested... Suddenly the figure came out of the dark ally. It was Scorpion from the now extinct Shirai Ryu clan... I looked at his white pupils... He either wanted to join my alliance, or for me to join his. Either way I didn't care all I want is my family back... If the netherealm ninja is my first step to that objective I would join him... "Join my alliance, Reptile, we together can bring our clans together!" Scorpion asked. This is where me talking would come in handy but, Shang Tsung thought it was a good idea to turn me into an acid spitting reptilian. Now he's dead. Thanks Kahn now I'll never change back... I hissed at him in agreement. Which I'm surprised he knows what I'm saying because all my hisses are the same. "Good! Follow me, we got some work to do." Stated Scorpion.
I hope you enjoyed because part two is coming soon