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The Pokemon Cup!

by Dertholntez

Dertholntez Hey guys and girls , this is a tribute or my own creation of the story about the World Cup but I call it the Pokemon Cup!So hope you guys and girls enjoy the kick off as we start the 2014 Pokemon Cup!

Let's kick off!
The Pokemon Cup has been played for many years and has been the most famous cup or sport in the Pokemon World . 32 national (regional or pokemon.)(I'll explain later what I mean pokemon.) teams are in the cup and they have faced the ordeal every Pokemon team has ever hated , the Pokemon Cup qualifiers.A single loss could mean extreme pressure and a very frustrating knock out stage play.But these teams have passed and shall face the ultimate challenge , the worldwide and the one and only Pokemon Cup ! We shall start now and may luck and confidence be in the teams.

*The Rhyperiors are playing with the regional team of Kanto as Stadion de Kalos is filled with fans and spectators all around the world*.(Commentators speak)(Robert Lancegreen speaks)This is the opening match of the Pokemon Cup as the tension grows stronger in Group A.The Rhyperiors will do all their strength to retain the cup after a humiliating 32 year wait.(Grey Bonhart speaks)A very long time but the Rhyperiors showed some ambition and desperateness in the qualifiers . (Robert Lancegreen speaks) What about Kanto?(Grey Bonhart speaks)Kanto did a wonderful job back in the 2011 Pokemon Cup after nearly edging the Fearless Gengars on a score of 2-3.Its quite sad for the Kanto team but if any regional team manages to win the cup , it would make history after Hoenn won it back in the 1999 Pokemon Cup.This would be my view.

(Robert Lancegreen)A great analysis by Grey Bonhart as the match is about to start in 1 minute . A prediction by Grey Bonhart as he thinks the score would be (Rhyperiors vs Kanto)4-1.My prediction would be a classy win for the Big Blue (nickname for Kanto) as the score would go 0-2.It looks like the match is starting and we are ready to go.(14 minutes into the first half)(Robert)The Rhyperiors are doing tactical play as Jeremy Cradleheart runs with swift pace.He turns the ball around the goalie and....does a goal!!Jeremy leads the Rhyperiors into a leading state which will hopefully pressure the Kanto team . Brando , the goalie of Kanto is devastated as he concedes a goal.(35+2 minutes currently)(Robert)Kanto are moving already into the corner flag as Darrell turns the ball and crosses!.........Goal!!Oh my what amazing play made by Masahida Kurenasa as he heads the ball into the top right corner , an equalizer for the Big Blues as they try to recover from pressure.

(84 minutes into the second half)(Robert)It grows more and more desperate for the two of these teams.The Rhyperiors doing a passing play as they try to aim for the goalmouth.Daniel Current does a big cross as Urochi Minasa tries to intercept . Valkner Estefan manages to keep the ball away from the free kick specialist as he runs to the penalty box.He does a great run keeping the ball away from Brando as he finds a gap and scores!!!Would you believe it!The Rhyperiors do a late goal and truly pressure the Kanto side.Rhyperiors manager Lance Stein celebrates with extreme enthusiasm.(The match ends)(Robert)This was a thrilling match that really sent a shiver down the Big Blues spines as the Kanto team lose after winning more than 13 times against the Rhyperiors . Captain Sanchez is left to blub like a baby after failing to stop the Raging Rhinos (Rhyperiors nickname) from stampeding the Big Blues.We get an exclusive interview on the distraught captain.

(Marco Sanchez speaks)We did good but not good enough.Our defenders had quite a problem back in the dressing room and maybe that's why the cause.It could be maybe not or maybe yes but we did quite sloppy play.(Interviewer questions)Will you still think the Kanto team can win the next game(Sanchez)Yes but we're going to refine some errors and change formation to win the next against the Euro Abrans.We are still confident no matter what pressure comes to us.Thank you.(Robert)There we have it , an inspirational captain strives to continue winning with the Kanto side but the Rhyperiors side lead the table and later in the day , we will see the the Euro Abrans take on the regional team of Unova in the infamous Stadium El Pero in the El Pero Isles with a hot temperature of 52 celsius.We will see you soon in the Stadium El Pero!

*TV screen closes*"Lets make our move."speaks a strange suited man.

Editor's note

Hey guys this the end and hope ya guys enjoyed the story as I will continue the story soon enough ( I think tomorrow I can).I maybe can't do tomorrow coz I'm going to a skateboard league and I'm gonna do my part in it.Tell me or reply to me if you want me to make a story you want me to make or tell me if you want me to continue any story I made.So see ya guys!
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