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The Pokemon Cup! pt.2

by Dertholntez

Dertholntez Hey guys and girls , I just realised that the skateboarding league was not today but next Tuesday.So here's part 2 and I'm gonna continue the story.Hope ya guys and girls like and enjoy the story.

Let's kick off
(Robert Lancegreen)It looks like a fine day for the Euro Abrans as they take on the rugby giants Unova.It will be a deciding match for the both to place 2nd or 3rd.(Grey Bonhart)Unova will be looking forward to win this one after just qualifying in 6 years.They will go and win with the game with their utmost willpower.(Robert)Lets do the analysis now.(Grey)The Psychos(nickname for the Euro Abrans)will go a balanced play as they might go for mostly attacking.The Unova side look like a defensive midfield play but depend mostly on the free kicks and corners do it will look tough for The Modern Titans(nickname for the Unova team).(Robert)The player though we're looking for is that forward of the Modern Titans.Javier Bacello is the man we're looking for.

(Grey)Yes , he has shown great display in the past qualifying matches.He scored 17 goals in the past 12 qualifying matches.A great youngster as he plays very well in the right side of the field and the Psychos will have to be very aware.(Robert)Yes indeed,Javier Bacello is the man to watch.It looks like the match is starting now and it will be a very exciting match.(35 minutes into the first half)(Robert)A corner kick for the Unova side.James DeVille hits the ball and it...goals!!A stunning goal by Mario Beister.The Unova side lead after a thunderous header from captain Mario Beister.They will be more hungry for goals now.(37 minutes into the first half)Masahiro Tajiri runs with the ball and loses it as Javier Bacello controls the ball.He runs and does a big pass to Daniel Ayini , runs to the goalmouth and does a ground cross to .... Saleem!!Saleem Makhmoud does a great volley from 20 yards off the goalpost.A truly great goal.(67 minutes into the second half)Igor Razik does a great run and passes the sloppy defence of the Modern Titans and shoots for goal!Goal!!!The Euro Abrans make a wonderful goal as the score goes 1-2.

(90+4 minutes in injury time)A free kick for the Euro Abrans.Paulo Richo takes the free kick.He shoots and it curls!!What a goal!Paulo Richo saves the Psychos from losing and scores an amazing free kick.He is a life saver and the Psychos will not regret it.(The match ends)(Grey)A tense game but a worth it to watch match.Paulo Richo , the Man of the Match showed the power of this game as the Unova side is shocked.(Robert)That was some ambition by Paulo Richo.Now we have an interview on the Johto born midfielder.(Paulo Richo)It was a great match today.I felt a surge in my back when the second goal from the Unova team came.It was a surprise for me when my shot curled and I didn't expect it.(Interviewer)Do you think the Euro Abrans can win against the Rhyperiors?(Paulo Richo)Yes actually and I have high hopes for my team.Thank you.(Robert)We have it from the Joht born midfielder as the table is settled for group A.The Rhyperiors are first in the table with three points as the Euro Abrans go second and Unova go third but the Kanto team last.We have it for today and good night to everyone!

"The craziness of the cup grows more and more every match and....that's a good thing."says a black suited man."When will we strike?"questions a blue suited man."The Kanto vs Unova game.We shall execute the plan."says the black suited man."Averdni Imatha Mudzin!"chants a voice.*A closing sound is heard*

(In the Kanto vs Unova match)

(Robert)The score currently 4-5.The Kanto side are very desperate to win this match."You have the decoder?"questions the black suited man who is currently in the guardroom of the stadium."You damn right I have it."says the red suited man."Brilliant.On the count of 3 , 1...2..............3!*The grass of the field immediately explodes into red soil*.(Robert)What has happened?!The ground has exploded!"Perfect!Lets go."says the black suited man.*The black suited man and the red suited man levitate on top of the field and give a warning*."Spectators and people who verily enjoy this Pokemon Cup , take this as a warning to you all.The PFA(Pokemon Football Association) has pulverised our race and destroyed our temples.We will take revenge and destroy every of your stadiums , kill the footballers and most of all destroy the PFIFA!No matter what you do , you will never stop the everlasting arcane race of the Bishops!HAHAHAAAHA!!!!"warns the black suited man."Averni , Monzion , Krothin , Simbion , Atlas!Nidzal buu vaal!"orders Inferni.

*Averni , Monzion , Krothin , Simbion , Atlas destroy the stadium and create a temple of reborn*."Nadziin dival minth!(Destroy the stadiums!)."Manzill tivorn.(Farewell mankind).*Ash and the brother of Cynthia , Raphael arrive at the destroyed stadium and try to find out what happened*."What happened?!cries Ash.

TO BE CONTINUED.............

Editor's note

Hey guys and girls , hope ya like and enjoyed the story . By the way, you will need to read part 1 to understand a bit of the story so yeah.Hope you enjoyed and tell me if you want me to make a story you guys and girls want and tell me if you want any story I make to be continued.So , see ya guys later!
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