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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: The Perfect Place for Cacnea

by JC111414

JC111414 After Norman's Town, came Route 104, where things start to get tough
I was walking by and saw two trainers battling. I got to see when the trainer with the black hat lost. Both then left the route mysteriously. I then saw Elektrike in that patch of grass. I decided to go for it. "Go Meditite use Confusion" I said. Then Elektrike attacked and escaped. Then I followed it where Mark caught him. "So, you saw it first" he said pointing me. "Yes, he was going to be mine" I said. "There is a rare pokemon here that I want to cacth, see ya" he said and left. I then saw it. Cacnea was in a desert area from Route 104. I then went on to follow it. It lead me to a bridge and then to a new place. "Deserten Town, where people and pokemon live together" the sign said. I kept following Cacnea, until it stopped. He knew I was following and told me to battle him. "Okay, Go Meditite, use Confusion" I said. Cacnea used Pin Missile. "DODGE IT". Cacnea hit hard but so did Meditite. "Okay, Meditite use Mach Punch" I said. Cacnea dodged it and used Pin Missile which hit hard again and now Meditite was weaker. "Ok, I'm losing. Ok, Use Mach Punch" This time it hit so hard that Cacnea was weak. "Go, Pokeball" It rang 1, rang 2, rang 3, but escaped. Cacnea then used Needle Arm. "DODGE IT" Meditite dodge it perfectly. "Now, use Mach Punch again" I yelled. This time it hit Cacnea again and was perfect. "GO POKEBALL!" I yelled. It ranged 1, ranged 2, ranged 3 and ta da. I finally capture a pokemon. "Come out Cacnea" I said. Cacnea was happy to have a wonderful trainer. That evening I went to the Pokémon Center in Deserten Town. Nurse then said that I was able to enter the league here and I signed up for it. Then outside of town, I saw a young girl, that appear lost or something. "Hi, need help" I asked. "Scary bug pokemon appear in that forest" she said pointing toward Petalburg Forest. "Can you accompany me please" she begged. "Sure, I need to pass to get to Rustboro anyways" I said. "You mean Rusty City right" she asked. "Sure that one" I told her. Then we entered the Woods, in search of adventures...