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The Next Town

by hoopagolduck

hoopagolduck This is a sequel to A Wild Purrloin Appeared. The trainer's name is Coconut and the purrloin is Ciela...
Ciela nudged the sign.
"Yes! FINALLY! It's a sign!"
"Purrloin..." Ciela mewed. Coconut had been pretty stupid to go on a journey with no bag and no map.
"So, where does THIS lead?" Coconut wondered.

The Pokemon League

Do not go without 8 badges.

"Does it really matter? I mean, I went on route 1 with no pokemon, even though the sign said not to... Ah well. Come on Ciela!"

"Purrloin?! Purr...." ( SERIOUSLY?! I'M LV 7 AND YOU WANT ME TO FIGHT LV 70s?! )
They went in.

"P-purrloin!" Ciela mewed desperately.
" I have no idea! Sir! " Coconut yelped.
"Then MOVE! The Elite Four don't wait for pea-brains like you! "

Ciela privately agreed that in her haste Coconut would accurately be described a a pinhead.

" Actually, they do. I'm sorry about this, Coconut...? That is your name, right? "
"Wow..." Coconut mumbled. " Elite Four Reiko? "
"That's right. You look like you have potential, so you can have this, and... this."

Ciela was happy that her trainer had gotten a bag and a map. "Purr!"

"It looks like you need some help. If you're confused, or lost, you should really stay on a path. And find the nearest pokemon center."

"Yep, I-I'll do that..."
"With your pokemon."
"Ok, Ciela?"
"So, you can go now! I will look forward to fighting you!" Reiko called after them.

Coconut's Diary
I am a very stupid person. I think I was too excited... It's a good thing Ciela helped me out by finding that sign, and it was nice to meet Reiko, too. I wish I could be like Reiko one day...

Ciela's Thoughts

My trainer's name is Coconut. That's a interesting name... I thought a coconut was a nut, and true to her name, after catching me Coconut went nutty. Ok, bad pun...
... ... ...
This is the first time I felt gratitude... She helped me out there. Is she what they call a "friend"?