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The Mysterious Pokemon Part1 (Story)

by ThatPerson23

ThatPerson23 The Mysterious Pokemon, Click for an awesome story :)
Once Long long ago, there was a trainer named Zach. He had just turned 10 and knew there would be a pokemon waiting for him downstairs. He jumped out of bed and put on his clothes then he rushed downstairs as fast as he could. He had tripped, but as he was falling everything stopped. Time was frozen and he didn't know how that happened.Once he got up time unfroze and nobody else knew that time had ever froze, He went downstairs and figured out that it had to be a pokemon doing that, He just could figure out which pokemon. He saw his new pokemon downstairs waiting for him, It had been a sneasel. He knew that sneasel could't be the pokemon doing that so he sent out on his journey trying to find that pokemon To be Continued...