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The Lost Island: Chapter 1

by Mudkipz54

Mudkipz54 It's kinda like a mystery dungeon. Except, well I'll tell you, you were never a human in the first place. See how this mystery will unravel!
You wake up, not knowing who you are, where you are, or why you're there. You look around, trying to figure out the answer to these things.

Then, you see it. The ocean stretches out for miles. The setting sun turns the sky into brilliant shades of orange and pink. A wreck of something that appears to have been a ship, litters the sandy beach. Broken glass from the windows of the ship almost cuts your foot as you try to look at where you are. A giant tree sprouts up from the center of the island. A massive treehouse lay in its branches.

You walk over to one of the pieces of glass to try and get a better look at yourself. You see you are a Pikachu.

As the sun slowly sets, you lay down in the sand, thinking, as the waves slowly lull you to sleep.


"Wake up!" yells a voice nearby. You open you're eyes and see a Mudkip staring down at you.

"You want some breakfast? We have Oran Berries, Cherri Berries, Razz Berries" Mudkip rambles on as your stomach growls.

Then Mudkip grabs you. "Come on!" He says as he pulls you up the path to the treehouse.

"Are you dead?" He asks while poking your cheeks with a stick. "No!" You reply annoyed while ripping the stick out of Mudkip's hands, "Why would I be dead?!"

Just then, Mudkip burst out in tears and ran up the path to the treehouse. You ran after him for two reasons, to apologize, and because Mudkip couldn't have built that treehouse by himself, something bigger did. And whatever did, you did not want to come looking for you. You hope you can stop Mudkip before it's too late.
  1. JPTheBest2000
    *runs to mudkip* I'm very sorry!
    Nov 2, 2014
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