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The Legend of the Myros pt 2

by Dertholntez

Dertholntez Hey guys I promised to continue my story and so I did.So , hope you guys nd girls enjoy it and understand the story

Let's go.......
"So cold!"cries a boy."Don't worry Gary , it's just snow."said the former champion of Johto , Lance."Won't this cold kill you're Dragon type Pokemon?"questions the young Gavin."Well, yes.It is the winter season.But I always keep my Pokemon in these red and white balls which are called Pokeballs."explains Lance."A Pokeball?"questions Gary."You know what . Meet me at that lake behind Elder Ruser's house , OK?"says Lance.

"I'll go ask mom."says Gary."Ok,then,bye!"says Lance*Lance runs to the lake*.*Gary asks his mom and the mum agrees but Lance must take care of him*.*Gary runs to the lake*."I'm here brother!"shouts Gary."Woah!You came fast . Mum allowed you?"questions Lance."Yeah!She did."says Gary in an excited voice."So ,what's here?"questions Gary."Here's where i'm going to teach you about Pokemon and Pokeballs."explains Lance."Pokemon are things that were created a very ,very long time ago . They used to help people , protect them and do so many things for us . Until now they help us . In the old times , they started doing these "Pokemon Battles" to strengthen their Pokemon or even make peace with the world . Now , Pokemon battles are very common in our time.As you know your brother , me , I used to be a champion of Pokemon battle.

"Really!Wow."exclaims Gary."Yeah , I used to at least.Anyways , Pokemon are creatures that also have feelings , weaknesses and strengths . That's why I brought you here , i'm going to let you have your first Pokemon!So , here.Walk on this grass."orders Lance."Okay."says Gray in a jubilant tone.*Bagon suddenly jumps out*."Woah!What's that?"questions Lance."Wow , lucky.You got a Dragon type Pokemon on your first day at Pokemon!"exclaims Lance."Ok , now I'll lend you my Level 5 Lapras I got from a fellow old man.Here take it!"says Lance.*Lance gives a Pokeball to Gary*."Ok.Now , throw the Pokeball!"orders Lance.*Gary throws the Pokeball as a Lapras appears*."Wow!So , what now?"questions Gary."You see , in Pokemon battles there are five commands.The first one is to heal , strengthen or catch the opposing Pokemon.The second one is to attack using four moves.The third is to flee or run away from battle but only in wild Pokemon battles.The fourth one is to switch your Pokemon if you want to tactically beat the opposing trainer's Pokemon or to conserve health for the particular Pokemon.The last one is to order the Pokemon to attack freely using it's natural ways of attacking.So now , the Lapras has Swords Dance , Tackle and Ice Beam.What are you going to do?"questions Lance.

"Lapras , use Ice Beam!"orders Gary.*Lapras uses Ice Beam and the wild Bagon is left very weak*."Here is your chance to catch the Bagon . Use this Pokeball!"orders Lance.*Lance gives the Pokeball to Gary*."Throw it."commands Lance.*Gary throws the Pokeball and the Bagon is successfully caught*."Very good for for a first timer."tells Lance."Thanks.Here's your Lapras."says Gary."No , you can have it."says Lance."Thanks!"exclaims Gary."You see Gary , now you can play with your friends now with those Pokemon."tells Lance."One more thing , do you know what are Pokemon types?"questions Lance."Yes , i've healrd about them.They're like Pikachu is Electric type and Patrat is Normal type."explains Gary."Do you know what type are your Pokemon?"questions Lance."No."says Gary in a brief voice."You're Lapras is Ice and Water type while your Bagon is a Dragon type Pokemon."explains Lance."I think that's enough explaining of Pokemon for today.Tomorrow , we'll do more."tells Lance.

Gary grew older and learned more and more about Pokemon.Lance was invited to the elite Fort Indigo in the region of Akhgi where all Trainers who have won more than 3 times or hold a great rank in Pokemon battles are invited.As Gary grew older , he also had a very close friend by the name of Ryan.Gary though also missed his brother Lance . So now , Ryan has told the Legend of the Myros as the story continues.........

After 8 years ( Gary is 12 years old)

"Where did you get this story from?"questions Gary."Elder Ruser told me this when you went fishing back in Goldenbay Town."tells Ryan."Oh yeah.Those were good times."said Gary."So whatcha wanna do?"questions Gary .*Ryan tells Gary he wants to find the ruin of the city as Gary agrees to go and find the city*.(On walky talky) (I think that's how you spell it) (Gary speaks)Find anything yet?(Ryan speaks)Actually , yes.Go to the northwest of your direction.Use the compass.*Gary manages to find Ryan and what he was talking abou*."Woah!That's one big ruin alright."says Gary."Well , what are you waiting for , let's go!"exclaims Ryan.*Gary and Ryan camped in the ruins and investigated the ruined city for nearly 3 weeks*."Well ,let's go hiking."says Ryan."Did you even bring hiking gear?"questions Gary."Yes , I did."confirms Ryan."*sighs* You won't get enough of him."says Gary.*Ryan and Gary reach to the top of the mountains where the Myros lived and are currently camping on the cold summit*.

Editor's Note

Hey guys and girls , hope you enjoyed this part because I'm going to need to think about part 3 and continue the story.So , I'll see you later!

TO BE CONTINUED.............