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The Showcase Series: The Journey

by Shauna23

Shauna23 Azuri and Espurr started their journey together and meet someone special along the way.
" Let's go, Espurr! " exclaimed Azuri. Azuri and Espurr had just got back from the Pokemon center, and they wanted to start their journey immediately. Azuri had everything packed: her sleeping bag, her clothes, her pokeballs, her pajamas. She even packed Espurr a pillow. " Mom, I'm leaving, I love you! " Azuri yelled up the stairs. And they were off. The first few hours, Azuri told Espurr about her hopes, her dreams, and her fears. A little while after they had gotten on Route 5, they met a bulbasaur. " Hi Bulbasaur! " Azuri shouted.
It instantly ran away. " Wait Bulbasaur, " called out Azuri. She ran after the Bulbasaur, only to meet a trainer. " Hi, I'm Azuri," Azuri exclaimed.
" Hi, I'm Shauna, " she replied.
" Sorry I scared your Bulbasaur, " apologized Azuri.
" Its all right, " Shauna answered.
" I'm on my way to Coumarine city, " Azuri told Shauna.
" I gotta go, I just saw a flabebe fly past. Bye, " exclaimed Shauna.
" Bye!" Azuri shouted back. And so, as the day was ending, Espurr and Azuri setup camp, and went to sleep.
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