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The Adventures of Rin Masaomi: The Hunt for Deerling!

by Demelza

Demelza Rin and his trusty partner Charmander set out one fine spring day in search of a Deerling for Rin's Pokédex. #flashchallenge
It was a cool spring morning in Sinnoh. Young trainer Rin and his trusted partner Charmander were exploring the Eterna Forest, on a mission to find a special deer-like Pokémon with the ability to change formes with the seasons. In the summer the Pokémon blended in too well with the lush green forests, in the autumn with the rich autumn leafs, and in the winter finding it was a difficult challenge. Yes, the spring really was the only time to come across this somewhat rare Pokémon, Deerling, and that’s what Rin and Charmander had set out to do this fine morning.

Rin was a fairly accomplished trainer. He’d travelled across the Kanto, Johto and Unova regions in the time since starting out from his hometown of Nuvema Town. In this time he’d caught a great deal of Pokémon in his goal to complete the Pokédex. Battling Gym Leaders could come later in his opinion. So far him and his partner Charmander had captured every Pokémon in the Eterna Forest except for Deerling, which they were currently searching for. In the spring Deerling have a pretty pink coat to allow them to hide among Sakura trees, but with a lack of the tree in Eterna Rin had been hopeful the creature would be a lot easier to find and catch.

Rin and Charmander camped out for their lunch in the late afternoon and were enjoying Rin’s sandwiches when suddenly the trainer noticed a movement among the nearby flowers. Rin carefully slipped his hand into his backpack and pulled out a Pokéball slowly, pressing the small round button once the ball was high enough so as not to release the Pokémon into his backpack. With a slight flash of light the form of a small flower-like Pokémon came into shape. Rin had released his recently caught Flabébé and quietly motioned for the Pokémon to investigate the nearby flowers to see if what he was seeking was hidden there. The small Pokémon slowly made her way over to the flowers and nestled among them hoping to slowly and carefully make her way towards whatever else was hidden here. Rin sat tensely trying very hard not to move, nor even breathe, in case he scared off the potential Deerling. His eyes followed Flabébé until he could no longer make her out among the flowers and strained in the hopes of making her figure out as she closed in on whatever had rustled the flowers just moments ago.

Flabébé let out a yelp and a shadow bolted from the shadows. Rin and Charmander leapt to their foot in order to give chase, Rin returning Flabébé has he gave chase of the mysterious shadow. He had a good feeling that this was the Deerling he had been searching for, and with the shadow unknowingly headed towards a small clearing Rin was confident he was about to find out.

“Hold it right there! Meganium, use Vine Whip!”

Rin heard the order before he cleared the last of the trees and entered the small clearing to see a tough looking trainer with his Meganium holding a small Deerling tightly within its vines. Charmander growled quietly at his side and Rin bent down to pat its head. “Easy boy,” he mumbled, standing up to approach the trainer. “What’s the big idea here? You don’t have to be so rough with such a young Pokémon who clearly can’t escape such a powerful team.”

“You’d be surprised what these nasty little creatures are capable of! You need to hold ‘em tightly so they can’t get away and destroy their hope as well.”

With this remark Rin’s Charmander couldn’t sit still any longer and leapt towards the Meganium, biting at its vines until it let out a sharp yelp and dropped the Deerling, who quickly ran over to sit behind Rin.

“Hey, what’s the big idea?! You should keep your pesky lizard under control so it doesn’t attack other people’s Pokémon. It’s nasty. I should report you to Officer Jenny!” The opposing trainer was evidently extremely mad about Charmander’s actions, but Rin couldn’t help but smirk at these comments.

“Nasty? Charmander is only helping out Deerling because YOU decided to tie it up so tightly with Meganium. If anything I should be reporting you for these actions!”

Rin wanted to protect Deerling but if things got ugly he wasn’t confident he’d be able to. Since coming to Sinnoh he’d left his stronger Pokémon at the professor’s lab and he didn’t really have anything strong enough to take down that Meganium. He hadn’t thought about the chances of him running into such a troublesome trainer when all he’d been trying to do was complete his Pokédex. The small Deerling at his feet nuzzled against his leg and Rin knew he wasn’t able to leave it in the hands of his foe. “Oh man, this is gonna hurt if we can’t win,” he mumbled to himself while sizing up the competition.

“I’m Rin from Nuvema Town. I’m trying to complete the national Pokédex and this Deerling is mine I’m afraid. If you wish to battle for it then you’re more than welcome to come at me.” Rin was bluffing, hoping to the best of his abilities that the fact he wasn’t a native of the region meant the trainer may just back away here and now.

“I’m Kirito from Kanto. I’m beating down every Pokémon I come across to add it to my Pokédex and then I’m going crush the Gym Leaders and Champions with the strongest Pokémon. I accept your challenge and choose Meganium."

“Oh boy, now I’m in trouble,” mused Rin as he contemplated which of his Pokémon may have even a slight chance at taking down the Meganium.

“Alright. Pumpkaboo, I choose you!” With a blinding flash of light Rin released the pumpkin-like Pokémon into the center of the clearing. He knew the Pokémon wasn’t fond of battling but this was the best he could do considering the situation. He just hoped they’d actually be able to land an effective move.

“Meganium, use Vine Whip!”

“Pumpkaboo, dodge and use Shadow Ball!”

Pumpkaboo was fast but Meganium was faster and grabbed the Pokémon tightly within its vines before it had the chance to move.

“Pumpkaboo, use Seed Bomb!”

Meganium tried to protect itself using its vines, dropping Pumpkaboo in the process so the Pokémon could jump a good four foot away just out of reach of Meganium's vines. Rin looked over to his partner and nodded quietly and watched as Pumpkaboo nodded back, knowing just what commend was coming next.

“Pumpkaboo, let’s go. Use Fire Blast!”

The Pokémon took a deep breath and let out a small burst of flames, not quite managing a Fire Blast and certainly not reaching the Meganium.

“Heh, looks like that little pumpkin of yours hasn’t got it in it to process the firepower needed to defeat me. Meganium, use Solar Beam!” Kirito smirked as he gave this commend.

“Pumpkaboo, don’t listen to him. Dodge the Solar Beam and we’ll work something out!”

Pumpkaboo tried to dodge but considering the time of year and the strong sunlight Meganium charged up and let loose the attack a lot quicker than anticipated, hitting the small Pokémon head on.

“Pumpkaboo, no!” Rin dashed over and leapt in an attempt to catch his small Pokémon as the attack sent it flying backwards, harshly wounded. Catching the small Pokémon Pumpkaboo struggled to be let free from Rin’s grasp and shakily floated back to the centre of the battlefield. It looked back at Rin and nodded as if to say it wasn’t ready to give up yet and had an idea. Charmander and Deerling cheered on their friend from a distance, not wanting to see Rin or Pumpkaboo lose to Kirito.

“Pumpkaboo, this is our last shot. Use Shadow Sneak to get close to Meganium and then use Fire Blast!”

Pumpkaboo leapt into the shadows in an attempt to get behind Meganium while the Pokémon and Kirito looked around hastily, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Pokémon before it could attack. Pumpkaboo had other ideas however and sprang up behind Kirito, knocking him down and then letting loose a mighty Fire Blast hitting Meganium square on. With Meganium down Charmander and Deerling sprang into the air with joy and dashed over to Pumpkaboo. Rin looked on with admiration and happiness as he bent down to open his backpack and produce some rope to tie up Kirito. As soon as possible he’d be taking this guy to the local police station. After making sure Kirito was unable to go anywhere Rin wandered over to the Deerling and held out his hand.

“You’re more than welcome to join the team, but after this experience I wouldn’t be surprised if you decided humans were the worst things on the planet,” Rin laughed quietly and gazed at the young Pokémon fondly. Deerling gazed back and gently nuzzled Charmander before hopping up to lick Rin’s hand and sit beside him. Without a doubt Deerling now considered herself a part of Rin’s team.
  1. patrick ibbotson
    patrick ibbotson
    this is a great story
    Feb 11, 2016
  2. Linkachu
    I've mentioned this to you already but it's great to see you submitting new writing for a flashchallenge! Now I feel even more motivated to finally get my head in gear and actually write something. xp

    The story itself is a nice, feel good fic overall but I really enjoyed the part where Rin pondered his situation and proceeded to bluff despite the bleak outlook. I appreciated that he wasn't at all overconfident, he just felt very strongly about helping the Deerling. It made for a fun read. Thanks for sharing! ^^
    Mar 2, 2015
    Teapot likes this.