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Raven: The Hidden Darkness (COMPLETE)

by NightRaven

NightRaven Yes...This is my first story o-o so...yeah.....heh.

"Beware of a cat with a heart as black as night..."

Raven, a black cat with bright blue eyes, a scar over her left eye and a hidden pair of wings, knows something others may not....powerful she may be...but she knows that darkness is yet to come....and for when it comes...she must know when and how to destroy it....for, if not....the whole forest could be shrouded in darkness within minutes...

Raven has the fate of the forest within her paws..............

(P.S the characters in this story are from multiple Roleplays i have been going through cx oh and its a bit short ;-; sorry...and some characters are ones i created..and possibly never used in roleplays...and some are from books/games.)
A shadow moved swiftly through a forest as though it was running away from something else. It soon stepped out into the light. It was Raven. Raven looked around nervously as though something was chasing her.

Just as she heard something behind her, she took off, running as quickly as possible. She looked behind her and growled nervously. That thing just doesn't stop does it? she thought as she raced away. She unfolded her massive wings and flew into the air, a simple black feather falling to the ground. She soared across the sky, watching the thing unfold its wings of shadows and flying after her.

She pinned her ears back as what ever it was got even closer to her, its blood red eyes staring into her soul. Her eyes grew wide in fear and horror as what ever it was soon shrouded the entire world in darkness. She looked around, unable to see anything. Suddenly, something of an unknown shape charged at her, screeching in fury. She looked around frantically, and yowled in fear as what ever it was has attacked her.

She woke up breathing heavily, looking around frantically. "What a ....nightmare." she mumbled to herself as she stood up, looking around still. Something that was glowing blue had caught her eye. She pinned her ears back, thinking it was some sort of enemy, but as it stepped into the light, it was her friend, Midnight. Midnight was a black cat with blue markings and blue eyes.

Midnight looked at Raven, laughing. "You okay there Raven? You kinda freaked out in your sleep!" she giggled. Raven growled. "Why does it concern you, Midnight? If you had the same dream, you'd also be scared!" she hissed. Midnight looked at Raven.

Midnight rolled her eyes. "yeah...Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. It depends!" she mewed. Raven snorted and walked away. If only you had the same dream, you fool! she thought to herself. Raven looked back at Midnight, who continued to giggle.

Raven sat near a river, staring at the rushing water. Midnight yowled behind her. "Hey there Raven!" she laughed. Raven's fur bristled as she fell into the river and she dragged herself to land. "Midnight!" she growled.

Midnight couldn't stop annoying her! Why though? Raven sat in a forest and decided to lay down and dry off. As soon as she heard something walk toward her, she rose her head and growled. "What now, Midnight?!" she hissed.

She opened her eyes and pinned her ears back as she saw 3 massive cats standing directly infront of her. "You are trespassing on ThunderClan territory!" one growled. She looked up at them. One had silver fur and dark grey paws. The other two were dark brown tabbies.

She looked up at them. "I never caught the scent of your border. I'm sorry, Cloudrunner, Bramblestorm and Frostblaze. I truly meant no harm." she sighed. Cloudrunner, the silver cat, looked down at Raven with his bright green eyes. "Don't worry, Raven. I guess we didn't mark the scent for a while. Our leader is very forgetful." he mewed. Bramblestorm, one of the brown tabbies, looked at Cloudrunner with his blazing amber eyes.

Bramblestorm snorted. "You only say that because you like her!" he hissed. Frostblaze, the other tabby, looked at Bramblestorm with his icy blue eyes. "Calm yourself! Cloudrunner was right, our leader can forget a lot, mouse-brain!" he growled. Bramblestorm looked at Frostblaze, let out a faint hiss and turned around with the rest of the patrol.

Raven got up and walked away from the forest. She looked up at the sky, mewing silently. Was my dream a prophecy? Was it a sign that some sort of darkness is rising? Please, tell me, StarClan....i need to know...and fast! she thought quickly. Midnight was pawing at her. "Raven? Hello? You there? Earth to Raven!" she mewed.

Midnight sighed and bit Raven's tail to get her attention. Raven unsheathed her claws, whiped around and clawed at Midnight, thinking she was an enemy. Once Raven saw that it was Midnight, she sheathed her claws instantly. Midnight luckily avoided Raven's claws. "Raven! Finally! Where have you been?" She laughed.

Raven hissed again. "Please...just leave me alone...." she mewed, walking away. Midnight looked at Raven and sighed. Raven stared at the ground as she walked. She blinked once, and the ground beneath her paws was black and spattered with blood.

Raven pinned her ears back and she looked up at the sky, of which was pitch black. She turned around and looked at Midnight, who looked bloody and torn up, a paw missing and three long, massive scars across her face. Raven looked terrified. Raven blinked again and all returned to normal. She shuddered and continued to walk away.

Midnight tilted her head. "Something wrong, Raven?" she mewed in confusion. Raven looked around. "oh...uh.....no...nothing is wrong, Midnight." she mewed but she couldn't keep the terror out of her voice. Midnight sighed.

"Tell me, Raven." Midnight mewed. Raven stiffened. She couldn't tell her friend about what she had seen! "Nothing is wrong, Midnight!" she mewed. Midnight sighed.

"Okay then. You can tell me anything!" Midnight mewed and walked off. I can't let anyone know about what i just saw! They'll think im crazy! I must keep this a secret... StarClan help me! Raven thought to herself nervously.

Raven looked at the ground. Is this some sort of...prophecy? Is it a sign? she thought to herself. Raven shook her head and ran off. She hadn't noticed she ran across the ThunderClan border again, until she heard a hiss.

She looked around and couldn't find anything, though she could sense the presence of allies...but, they soon became enemies. Raven looked around nervously. Suddenly, the enemies came into sight; a ThunderClan patrol! She recognized Bramblestorm, Thistlewing, Silvercloud and Cinderpaw. Thistlewing was a grey cat with light grey paws; Silvercloud was a silver cat with white paws and a white tail tip; Cinderpaw was a dark grey apprentice.

Bramblestorm let out a hiss. "trespassing Again?! What has gotten into you, Raven?" he snarled. Silvercloud looked at Raven, her bright blue eyes blazing with rage. Thistlewing glared at Raven, his green eyes betraying his ambition. Cinderpaw looked up at Raven, her deep blue eyes narrowed.

Raven hissed. "I'm sorry!" she growled. Bramblestorm snorted. "you sure don't sound like it!" he hissed. Silvercloud hissed. "Thats all you ever say, Raven! Now we know its your simple excuse to go back without any damage!"

Raven pinned her ears back in disbelief. "Excuse? I dont come up with excuses, mouse-brain!" she growled. Bramblestorn rolled his eyes. "This time, we aren't letting you go without a scratch!" he snarled. The three warriors, and apprentice, unsheathed their claws.

Raven laughed. "You can only hurt me........if you can catch me!" she challenged. She took off. The border is far.....I gotta get there before I have no ears left to hear! she thought to herself.

She looked back and her eyes grew wide in fear. The patrol was right behind her, snapping at her tail! Raven growled and soon took a sharp turn. The patrol had cut her off as if they predicted her every move. The four cats surounded her near the border.

Raven looked around. She unsheathed her claws and looked at Bramblestorm who was blocking the border. She had to get rid of him first! She heard more paws thundering towards them. She saw another patrol of 3 cats; Cloudrunner, Shadowmoon and Dawnfur.

Shadowmoon was a pitch black cat with white paws and green eyes and Dawnfur was a ginger cat with yellow eyes. Dawnfur hissed. "Well, there is no where you can go, Raven!" she snarled. Shadowmoon unsheathed her claws and slashed at Raven's face, barely missing. Raven unfolded her wings and flew across the border.

Bramblestorm yowled at Raven. "You wont get away next time!" he hissed as he turned around. Raven was breathing heavily. She rested under a tree as soon as it turned night. She slept and woke up only to see dark brown paws infront of her, its claws unsheathed...

Ravens eyes grew wide in horror as she looked up to see Bramblestorm staring down at her, his amber eyes blazing like a wildfire. "Soon i'll rule ThunderClan, then RiverClan, then Windclan, then ShadowClan, then the entire forest!" he growled, his voice betraying his ambition. Raven was about to get up, but before she could, Bramblestorm raised his paw high into the air and slammed it into Raven's skull. Raven went completely silent as her vision was fading to pitch black rapidly. She was dying!

Raven couldn't move or make a sound. She was still, blood washing over her eyes and dripping onto the ground. Her vision soon was pitch black and she went limp. She could no longer see...and the last image in her mind was Bramblestorms eyes burning into her soul. She had died...

Midnight ran over to Raven's body, and pinned her ears back in horror. "Raven! W-what happened to you?!" she mewed in terror. She became a wolf and howled with sorrow. Raven's body faded away rapidly, becoming a pitch black smoke that rose into the air and out of sight. Midnight had tears falling from her face as Raven was possibly the only friend that stayed as her friend for a long, long time.

Hours had passed, and the same black smoke came to the ground, becoming a black mist and spreading out, soon fading away to reveal Raven's body lying on the ground. Ravens eyes slowly opened and she looked around, soon getting up. Midnight obviously hadn't noticed Raven as she continued howling in pure sadness. Raven pressed her muzzle in Midnight's fur, and Midnight's ears perked up. "R-Raven! Y-you are alive!" She barked as she returned to normal.

"Great StarClan, you scared me out of my pelt!" she mewed. Raven sighed. "I'm fine.." she mewed. "But i must tell you something..." Raven explained to Midnight about what Bramblestorm has said. "Its just like the legend of Tigerstar!" she mewed in terror.

She remembered about the ThunderClan 'legend' even though it was true. Tigerstar, the ambitious brown tabby with amber eyes and a scar over his nose, and Bramblestorm, a brown tabby with amber eyes, looked very similar. They are both ambitious, both hungry for power, and both wanted to take over the whole forest! Its as though Bramblestorm is just a reincarnation gone wrong! But, that also proves what is going to happen to Bramblestorm: (SPOILER ALERT! IF YOU HAVE NOT READ BOOK 6 OF THE FIRST SERIES TO WARRIORS, YOU WILL WANT TO SKIP THIS!) Bramblestorm will become leader to Shadowclan and be killed not too far after, just like Tigerstar, who took over Shadowclan and died by Scourge, leader of BloodClan!

Raven shuddered at the thought. Even thinking about Tigerstar made the forest seem ominous as though his deadly spirit still roams the forest. Raven shook her head to clear the thought. Midnight pinned her ears back. "We have to warn ThunderClan imediately! If not, Bramblestorm wont be himself anymore; he'll be BrambleStar! We must go to the ThunderClan camp and try not to get caught by a passing patrol!" she warned.

Raven and Midnight were walking towards the border. They heard a patrol and they both hid so they didn't get caught. The patrol had marked the border and walked off, and just as they did, Raven and Midnight ran across the border. "Now's the tricky part! We gotta get to the camp without being in sight." Raven whispered. They hid from a few patrols and made it to the camp.

When the cats weren't looking, Raven and Midnight ran into the leader's den. Their leader, Stonestar looked up and hissed. "Who in the name of StarClan are you two?!" he snapped. Raven sighed. "We mean no harm...but we must warn you of a cat in your clan." she mewed.

Raven and Midnight told Stonestar everything. "You must send Bramblestorm into exile!" Raven and Midnight finished at the same time. Stonestar shook his head. "Just because the two look the same and act the some does not prove the future. And how do i know that i can trust you with his words? Patrols have reported twice about you crossing the border!" Stonestar finished with a burning glare at Raven. Raven sighed.

"Stonestar, you can trust me, okay! He will kill you and the deputy to become leader!" she hissed. Stonestar growled. "No. I am not sending one of my greatest warriors into exile because you think that he is an incarnation of Tigerstar! What if you're wrong? Why should i send one of my warriors into exile due to something that may or may not be true?!" Stonestar snarled in defiance. Raven hissed in frustration. "If you think i am wrong, that also means you think StarClan themselves are wrong! Starclan has been giving me signs of a cat with a heart as black as night! If you think i'm wrong, you think StarClan is wrong and that means that you have lost your faith in them!" Raven growled.

Stonestar looked at Raven. "you may be.....right." he mewed silently. "A cat with a heart as black as night; like Tigerstar. A cat that wishes to rule the forest; like Tigerstar. Bramblestorm even resembles Tigerstar! Perhaps you are right! I shall send Bramblestorm into exile!" he yowled. Stonestar stood on the high rock and yowled for everyone's attention and sent Bramblestorm into exile. Bramblestorm obviously didn't approve of this.

"Why send me into exile for something that makes no sense? Why, you foolish leader?" Bramblestorm hissed. Stonestar glared at him. "For the safety of ThunderClan..." he simply hissed. Bramblestorm growled. "Leave my sight, Bramblestorm....now. I give my warriors permission to kill you on sight...i'll also be sure to warn the other Clans of your foul presence, so that way, you can't live in the forest without us sending extra patrols to find you..." Stonestar yowled as Bramblestorm left, spitting curses at Stonestar.
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    (oh boy, since im using an ipad, i accidentally clicked on an ad and my comment was deleted! o-o) Sorry that I didn't finish it! Later today(or some other time), i'll try to finish the story! I tried my best(in the early morning)for my first story on here. I was inspired to make it because of reading so many of Erin Hunters books!(and i did the tags wrong didn't i? xD) I was also inspired because i saw so much artwork on here as well as stories! And(no offense at all ;-; )i saw that people weren't afraid to put in these things! If you dislike it, thats okay because everyone has their own opinions about things! ^^ hope you enjoy! (Oh, and if you spot any mistakes (spelling, grammar etc.) be sure to point it out and i'll correct it!) c: (oh, and uh.....my age is incorrect o-o eh...i thought you had to be a certain age on here(i dont know why i thought that!) and i was like "i really wanna be able to come here.." XD Just so you know, my real age is 11 and i am currently in middle school. So, i have to go through my third week (first simester(i forgot how to spell it) tomorrow! I wont be on very long when on Monday-Friday(well, kinda on Friday....o-o i stay up all night xD) but on Saturday and Sunday, i'll be on for a while (unless im somewhere else, roleplaying.)! c: oh! And if anyone wants me to make a story for them, i'll try! But, just know that i sadly wont be doing artwork ;-; sorry to dissappoint you! (I keep editting this cx ) If you have any questions, you can ask me at any time! But, don't expect me to answer emediately because, i might be some where else or doing something o-o
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