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by aura guardian rory

aura guardian rory part 2
2 weeks later and Rory and Sasha had still not got any more Pokémon and no food “I’m starving” Rory said “were nearly there” Sasha replied “but I’m hungry” he groaned “I SAID WERE NEARLY THERE” Sasha shouted making Rory fall over. Another hour passed until they saw a town and then Rory bolted for it falling down the hill accidently letting his charmander out as he fell charmander ran beside him hitting his face with his tail every few seconds. Sasha laughed as he hit the bottom “ahh” Rory screamed “I think I broke my arm” Sasha examined his arm and saw that it was broken. Luckily nurse joy saw everything and was running over with a stretcher “quick put him on” nurse joy demanded.

Another hour passed and Rory was in a bed sleeping “will he be ok” Sasha asked “he will be fine” nurse joy said “he will be fine in about 2 days in the meantime get some rest”. The next day Sasha went outside to train when she heard a weird voice like a ghost or a spirit she turned around to see nothing and shouted “is that you Rory” just then a shadow passed behind her she spun round again still nothing so she ran indoors and told nurse joy. she explained to Sasha that this Pokémon centre was haunted by a little girl and his ghastly Sasha’s jaw dropped .she had never seen a ghost ever so she want back outside to try and contact it “hello ghost girl are you there” just then a girl raised out of the ground and said “you’re not the one and disappeared” Sasha ran back indoors and told nurse joy what happened she was shocked and she asked what she looked like Sasha replied with “I don’t know”