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The Forest!

by Sasha the Eevee Master

Sasha the Eevee Master
2 weeks later. Rory was getting anxious about leaving the Forest and Sasha was going to snap at any minute. Because 1) he ate most of the food. Causing Sasha and her Squirtle and Mankey to eat berries. 2) He stopped her from catching a shiny Snivy.

3) His Charmander wouldn’t stop using ember on her!!!

“I’m starving!” Rory groaned grabbing Sasha’s arm like a 3 year old… that did it! “YOU LITTLE $%$%! YOU ATE EVERTHING!” She bellowed at him Rory shrieked like a girl and ran down the hill his Charmander kept falling over his tail. Sasha and Ocean and Kung Fu (Mankey) looked at them with a raised brow.

“Morons…” she sighed her pokemon nodded their heads in agreement.

Suddenly Sasha cried out his name “RORY!” she yelled running to his aid. She inspected his arm pure shock covered her features.

His arm. His arm. HIS ARM! WAS BROKEN! She mentally cried to herself slowly she grabbed Rory’s good arm and helped him stand just to run to the next town getting to the pokemon centre to get nurse joy to treat him…

Will they make it as Rory cried out in agony… you tell me?
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