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The First Endeavour

by Domin6

Domin6 Drawn in Microsoft Paint on 8/3/17-8/5/17

I think they turned out pretty good, these drawings. Especially the snake. I've never drawn one like that digitally before, so I'm glad it turned out good.

Anyway... I'M BAAAACK!!! Expect updates once very two weeks (hopefully), and feel free to suggest things for me to draw (both digitally and on paper). I'll be happy to oblige.
  1. topazwolf91
    As for a suggestion, try a Cerberus-based fakemon. Use the style you feel more comfortable with (which I know is pencil and paper). Feel free to use any reference, but make it your own. Try to come up with a name, type, and description.
    Aug 7, 2017
  2. topazwolf91
    I'll call you out on it if you don't update weekly. I don't (anymore), so you'll have to update to compensate for both of us
    Aug 7, 2017