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The Fiddler's Melody: An Emerald Nuzlocke Ch. 9

by Master of Stratos

Master of Stratos Chapter 9: Family of Fear
We rejoin our team after...honestly, I'm not sure what to call the last episode. It was filler, obviously, but it was more convoluted than an M. Night Shamylan movie. Nevertheless, it wasn't a total waste, as we have a new friend in our ranks, one Lady Vice the Corphish. "Hi!" she waved. And finally we've reached Verdanturf Town; a rest stop on our journey.

So anyone who wants to use the little Pokemon's room may want to do so now before we move on to the next plot point! "Got it!" called Shadow. He flew to the nearby bushes; probably holding it in since Slateport, the poor bird. Getting back to the story, we head north to Route 110, uphill to reach the nearby desert. On the way up, they find a small house with a sign out front that said, "Challenge to all Gamers: Beat the all of the family at once and win a prize!"

"This sounds like my kind of fight!" said Heavy with pride. They approach the house and knocked on the door. No answer. They tried knocking again; still nothing. They pounded on the door, and still- oh, take a guess! So finally, they ring the nearby doorbell and out jumped four people as if waiting for the bell to ring.

All four sang, "Welcome!" like a barbershop quartet. I tell you, these chapters get weirder and weirder... One of the members, a tall man looked to the confused travelers and said, "Oh, sorry; we've been rehearsing that routine for years, waiting for someone to take our challenge. We've got a great prize for the winner! I'm Victor and this is my wife, Victoria, my daughter Vivi and our dear grandmother Vicky." "We're a dance group that retired some time ago to challenge ambitious Trainers like yourself and see if they can beat the Elite Four." Victoria continued. "Think of it as your Rival but not as mobile." explained Vivi.

"Our eldest son, Vito is heading to the Elite Four soon; who knows? Maybe you'll run into him one of these days." said Vicky. "Well, that's interesting, but when do we start the fighting?" asked Shadow. "If you insist!" answered Victor. Well folks, I've heard weirder ways to start a battle sequence. *bell dings* Welcome, sports fans to the next match of the annual Poke-Smackdown! We got us a four-time free-for-all in the ring today, and a big cast of Pokemon to fight! How will this add up? Let's find out!

In this corner, representing team Louis is Fire type and professional afro, GAAAARNEEET! Alongside her is a new, hard-shelled mistress, LAAADYYY VIIIIIICE! She kisses to the crowd like a beauty queen as I address the opposition. And in this corner, the zig-zagging champion of a raccoon, ZIIIGZAAAGOOOON! Alongside him is the swift master of avian mayhem, TAAAAILOOW! Now, let's have a good, clean fight, and may the best team win! *bell dings* Garnet goes tactical and starts with an ember on Tailow, burning him and grounding the bird. But this left her wide open to Zigzagoon's Tackle!

Just as he's about to attack Garnet, Lady Vice blocks with Bubblebeam! Both are finished off by a Double Kick by Garnet! *bell dings* That's the end of that round, let's get to the next team! In this corner, a swift, scarred swiftlet with an arrow-sharp beak, SHAAADOOOW! And in this corner, the petaled petunia with a pulverizing poison, RRRROOOOSELIAAA! *bell dings* This fight is rather short-lived, with Wing Attack making short work of her.

But this family's not to be denied, as a new three-on-three match is under way! In this corner, our snippish snapper, LAAADY VIICE! Alongside her is none other than the heavyweight champion of Mauville, HEAAAVYY! And finally, on her right side is the fierce fright of the air, SHAAAADOOOW! And in this corner, three elemental menaces that are feared by each other, NUMEL, MARILL and SHROOOMIIISH! *bell dings* Let's get it on!

Shadow starts with a Wing Attack and beats the Shroomish while Lady Vice Bubblebeams the Numel! Heavy is doing nothing so far..could he be? HE IS! He's using Vital Throw, tossing the Marill into the trees!

"That does it! Prepare to lose to aged wisdom!" exclaimed Vicki. She sent out the family's secret weapon: Meditite! "Oh, dear.." dreaded Shadow. "Something wrong?" asked Lady Vice. A look inside Shadow's head reveals flashbacks of when McPaddigan saved his life from being killed by a Meditite a few chapters ago. The thought of challenging another was unthinkable!

Sure enough, Meditite used Hi Jump Kick to try and kill Shadow! He dodges, thankfully, and the Meditite crashes to the ground, but he tries again! This time, he hits, but doesn't kill Shadow. "Die!" yelled the Meditite. "Die! DIIIIE!"

He tries Confusion, and it misses. Overcoming the fear, Shadow Wing Attacks him, picks him up and drops him into the chimney. This took what strength he had left and he falls to the ground. "McPaddigan...you're avenged..." he weakly squawked as he flips off Vicki. "Well, I never!" exclaimed Vicki.

The others rush to him, as Shadow faintly breathes. "Shadow!" exclaims Steven. "Don't give out on us, buddy! You're gonna be okay!" "Save your breath kid..." said Shadow. "I'm gonna be fine...just need a long nap.." Shadow falls unconscious.

After explaining the issue with the family, they allowed Louis and the team to rest at their house as long as they needed. "We're sorry for your loss." said Victoria. "Don't be too sorry." said Louis. "She went out with honor." "Feel free to use our house as a rest stop whenever you need." said Vivi warmly. The next morning, our heroes headed out to the next obstacle in their path: Route 111, desert country!

*To Be Continued....*

Pokemon Roster So Far:

Garnet: Combusken. LV. 29
Steven: Linoone. LV. 28
Shadow: Swellow. LV. 30
Heavy: Hariyama. LV. 29
Lady Vice: Corphish. LV. 24