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The Fiddler's Melody: An Emerald Nuzlocke Ch. 7

by Master of Stratos

Master of Stratos Chapter 7: The Electrifying Highlander
Last time on The Fiddler's Melody, our band of intrepid Pokemon had at long last left Slateport and were well on their way to Mauville. Though some were a bit less excited than others. Shadow and McPaddigan to be exact. "What's wrong?" asked Garnet. "It's the upcoming Gym." replied Shadow. "Ever since that Meditite nearly creamed me, I dread to see what Wattson has in store for us!"

"It's true, the guy's supposed to be a killer of Pokemon." agreed Louis. "Therefore I'm going to train you all extra hard to prepare for the fight ahead." After several long hours of training, we at long last have our heroes at reasonable levels. Not only that, but evolutions finally happened, with Steven evolving into Linoone, Shadow into Swellow and Heavy into a mighty Hairyama. "It is good day to be GIANT 'Mon!" bellowed Heavy. "Now I am ready to fight big Manectric!"

And a short while later, battling a few Trainers along the way, they reach the outskirts of Mauville, where none other than May awaits them. "Hi, Louis!" said May. She looks to see the now more evolved team. "I see you've expanded your team since last time; very good! Now, let's see if we can apply what we've learned this whole time! Narrator, if you please." With pleasure.

Welcome, Poke-sports fans to the matchup of the Generation! In this corner, a fighting flier with the power to soar higher, SHAAADOOW! And in this corner, the knock off that's gonna knock your block off, LOOOMBREEEE! Now, let's have a good, clean fight and may the best 'Mon win! *bell dings*

Oh, and Lombre's beaten almost instantly by a critical hit via Wing Attack! The whirling bird's on fire today, ladies and gentlemen! Ah, speaking of fire, now May sends out her next challenger in the ring: SLUUGMAAA! And in retaliation, Louis sends out the swift innocent: STEEEVEEEN! And Steven uses Quick Attack, Headbutt and Tackle to KO the Slugma! Oh, he's equally on fire today!

But wait, now May sends out her piece-de-resistance: MAAARSHTOOOMP! And Louis sends out his latest member, the powerful and now more giant HEAAAVYYY! *bell dings* And Marshtomp hits hard with a powerful Mud Shot! But, what's this? Could it be?

IT IS! Heavy responds with a powerful Vital Throw, an attack that while slow to use never misses! And it hits hard! And Louis wins the round again!

"Keep crying, cowards!" yelled Heavy, victoriously pounding his belly as he said it. "Very...ambient." said a stunned May. "Keep up the great work! I know I will!" She walks down the opposite direction, as our heroes venture into Mauville City. After a bit more exploring and gathering some items, Louis makes his way to the Mauville Gym.

He gathers his five Pokemon in a straight line like an army platoon. "Alright, guys. You are all powerful Pokemon. You have survived many a tough battle, even if some were off-screen. But this time..this time it will be our most arduous undertaking. We are dealing with a known killer whom which has fought and murdered many Pokemon; even close ones like the brother of Heavy." Louis told his troops. Heavy sheds one tear, his eyes shut. "Nonetheless, I have full confidence that we will not perish in the ring. With Articuno as my witness, we shall prevail! TO VICTORY!" "TO VICTORY!" repeated the Pokemon. A rousing cheer could be heard as they marched in.

Many a battle was waged, Heavy and Garnet beating the tar out of the Magnemites, Zigzagoons, Voltorbs, Volbeats, Illumises, Electrikes and Gulpins in their path. Eventually, they solved the mystery of the voltage switches and found Wattson hiding in the back. He bellowed a hearty laugh as he saw Louis approach. "Welcome, dear boy! It's been so long since I've had a great battle, and your spry out there shows your potential!" said Wattson. "Spare me your pleasantries." said Shadow.

"We know your game. Your Manectric's a killer, and we're more than ready for you!" chimed McPaddigan. "Oh, are you? Then show me your stuff!" taunted Wattson. Allow me, old timer. Welcome, fans to the third annual Gym Leader challenge! This time it's Louis vs. Wattson; a trainer notorious for his Pokemon-murdering tactics! Let's see if they get him too far in this match.

In this corner, a ball with a bomb for a body: VOOLTOOORB! And in this corner, a true powerhouse who's come a long way since the last episode: HEAAVYYY! "Time to hide, COWARD!" Heavy yelled, charging towards the opposition. *bell dings* Voltorb first tries paralyzing Heavy, but he dodges! Driven by anger, he grabs Voltorb and throws him just as its about to explode!

"Good 'Mon, but not as good as THIS!" said Wattson. He sent out Electrike-*CRUNCH* who's crushed easily with an Arm Thrust. "Well, that was awkward. Well, I'm sure you can't beat this!" challenged Wattson. Said 'this' was a Magneton that was given a Vital Throw.

"Okay...you prove very powerful, young Hariyama. Perhaps...too powerful. Tell me, did you happen to know anyone who died in this Gym?" inquired Wattson. "I do not tell you, killer. You destroy all and for that, you pay!" Heavy said. "Very well, then you should have no trouble messing with this!" And Wattson sends out his pride and joy, and ever Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire Nuzlocker's worst nightmare: Manectric! Strangely, though, it spoke in a Scottish accent.

"Ach! Look who decided to join the party! You'll be a great addition to my wall, you blubbering Bolshevik!" Heavy was about to attack, but something was wrong. To show instead of telling, I will put his thoughts in italics. "My brother came this far...and he was bested by now!" he dreaded, being beaten and paralyzed by a Shock Wave. "Little too much caber-tossing pie down your own throat, eh, chubby? Prepare to reunite with your brother..IN HELL!" howled Manectric.

He was low on health and was ready to finish Heavy off when..something blocked the attack. And it's..oh, dear. It would seem McPaddigan has sacrificed her life to save Heavy. "I..regret...nothing.." McPaddigan whimpers as she keels over. This angers, oddly enough, Shadow to no end and he finishes the Manectric off with a Steel Wing.

In fact, it does more than that! High speed shows Shadow personally rammed into Manectric several times to not only faint Manectric, but also kill him! "Well played, you proved your worth." said Wattson. He hands Louis the Dynamo Badge and the move Shock Wave. "And in all honesty, I thank you for killing Manectric."

"You do?" asked Steven. "Yes, being notorious for a 'murderer of Pokemon' was a fun title at first, but after he started mounting heads of his victims on the wall, things were going a bit too far. I'm very sorry for your loss." explained Wattson, hanging his head in shame. "Do..not...grieve.." said McPaddington, who was barely breathing. "I led a good life, went on to become a Lombre much faster than I ever dreamed...and I couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you, Louis...for letting me join..." They buried McPaddington in the soil near a nearby lake.

This chapter is dedicated to the memory of McPaddington, who sacrificed herself in the line of duty. Below is her obituary:

Farewell, dear McPaddington. One of our eldest members, you were just starting to get good when you fell in the line of duty. Your sacrifice for Heavy's safety has not gone unappreciated.

RIP: McPaddington: LV. 4-23

*To be Continued...*

Pokemon Roster So Far:

1. Garnet: Combusken. LV. 26
2. Steven: Linoone. LV. 22
3. Shadow: Swellow. LV. 24
4. Heavy: Hariyama. LV. 27