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The Fiddler's Melody: An Emerald Nuzlocke Ch. 4

by Master of Stratos

Master of Stratos Chapter 4: Rustboro Gym: the Musical
We join Louis, Garnet, Shadow, McPaddigan and Steven in Rustboro City. By this chapter, they have explored the majority of the city and collected many great items, including the Quick Claw; which is now on McPaddigan. This, oddly enough, gave her Wolverine claws. "Badass, aren't they?" asked McPaddigan. Indeed, they are.

And now, our heroes challenge Roxanne. "I hear she's a real pushover for Trainers." said McPaddigan. Don't be so sure. "What do you mean?" asked Louis. Well, in commemoration of your first Gym battle, I've made a few calls and made this episode a tribute to The Police!

"Without copyright? Amazing!" said Shadow. "That's all well and good, but what does that have to do with the difficulty?" asked McPaddigan. It'll make sense when we go in. Let's just say you'll have to fight rock with rock. "Eh?" asked Louis.

They walk into the Gym and hear guitars tuning up and drums being beaten. Both seemed to be coming from the Trainers and Roxanne herself; strangely enough. Just then, some the two Youngsters start playing guitars; and Roxanne starts singing.

Roxanne: Young Trainer; the subject Of Champion fantasy. He wants it so badly; Knows what he wants to be
Youngster Josh/Roxanne: Inside him there's longing; this boy's an open page Book marking he's so close now-
Louis: This girl's over half my age! Don't stand-Don't stand so- Don't stand so close to me! Don't stand-Don't stand so-Don't stand so close to me!

The quartet of Gym Leader and trainers send out their Geodudes and Nosepass to intimidate them with their rocky hairdos; no matter how tacky they may be. *The Geodudes glare at the screen* I'm just saying's all!

"This is ridiculous! What's to stop us from doing this?" demanded Shadow. He attempts to Peck the Nosepass only to be shocked by an electric field. "Shadow! Are you okay?!" exclaimed Louis. "Yeah...but man that did a number on me!" Shadow replied, limping back to the others. "As it should." said Roxanne. "Our combined rockage will prevent hand to hand combat, and have our songs do all the talking!"

"So it's a rock battle you want, is it?" asked Louis. "I'll give you a rock battle! Hit it!" Some drums pound just offscreen (courtesy of yours truly) and McPaddigan and Garnet ready their voices for battle.

Garnet: Roxanne you're a girl making big noise playing in the Gym gonna be Elite Four someday You got mud on your face you big disgrace Rocking guitars all over the place, singin'

Garnet/McPaddigan/Louis: We will We will ROCK YOU! (x2)

McPaddigan: Tommy you're a young man hard man shouting in the Gym gonna take on the world someday You got blood on your face you big disgrace Waving your bass line all over the place

Garnet/McPaddigan/Louis: We will We will ROCK YOU!

But soon, the Gym started to retaliate.

Roxanne: Every step you take Every breath you make Every vow you break, Every frost you flake I will kick your ass!

Louis: *rolls his eyes* Roxanne, you're an old girl, poor girl thinking you're so smart gonna run a new school someday You got mud on your face, big disgrace O'Leary's gonna put you back into your place!

Amid the chaos, Shadow seemed to have wandered off to parts unknown. That is until the last bit of the chorus from both sides was done. Flying down, albeit painfully, he dons black sunglasses and starts playing a loud guitar solo that not only blows the opposing Pokemon away, but the Trainers as well! Only Roxanne was left standing, and even then that wasn't saying much. "I'm..dumbfounded! You beat my rock strategy! You, Louis, are truly the better Trainer both fight-wise and musically. I bow to you and give you your first Badge!" Roxanne finally spoke.

After this long battle, McPaddigan finally evolved into a Lombre! "And I couldn't be prouder!" said Louis. "Aw, thank you!" said McPaddigan. With their new Stone Badge in hand, our heroes are about to head out when they see a vicious sight! Just what is that sight? You'll have to wait til next time! ;)

*To be continued...*

Pokemon Roster So Far:

1. Garnet: Combusken. LV, 18. Moves: Double Kick, Ember, Peck, Focus Energy
2. McPaddigan: Lombre. LV. 16. Moves: Absorb, Nature Power, Astonish, Growl
3. Steven: Zigzagoon. LV. 14. Moves: Headbutt, Tackle, Sand Attack, Tail Whip
4. Shadow: Tailow. LV. 15 Moves: Peck, Wing Attack, Focus Energy, Quick Attack