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The Eevee Twins

by HuskyDragonWolvez

The Eevee twins - I would die for you.png
HuskyDragonWolvez My first drawing that I've uploaded!
Now this picture has a backstory...they are twins that were separated and found eachother again the end :3...they arn't really twins after evolving though...are they.

Soooo yeah...took about 30 min. ...incase you were wondering, yes, I am a fast drawer X3

The quote in the top right says
"I would die for you,
cross the sky for you,
I will send out a light burning for you alone.
Your all I need,
you set me free,
And this fire will guide you...home."
The quote is from a song called "Guide you home".

Sooo yeah, probably my best work...thats it...bye

Program used: SketchBook Pro...
I can't get the shooting star right....T^T
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