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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: The Catch of the Day

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel and his friends have separated in Lil City, and are headed on to the next gym, which is the last one to enter the New Hoenn Regional Championships...
"Are you alright Monferno" I asked. "Monferno" Monferno said happily. We were walking and decided to stop for a meal. I then saw a Beldum. "Wow, wanna fight, Monferno" I asked. "Monferno" He nodded yes. "Ready Beldum" I asked. Beldum looked at us and nodded. "Monferno use Fire Punch" I said. A light appeard in his hand, its ability was activated. Beldum dodge the attack and use Psychic and was super effective. Monferno use Flame Charge. Flame charge raised its speed and attack the Beldum, almost knocking it out. Beldum used Psychic. Monferno use Fire Punch. Monferno went first but Beldum managed to hit the Psychic. Ok, GO Pokeball. It move once, twice and it got out. "Hmm, hard to get" I told Beldum. "Beldum!" he said. Ok, Monferno use Fire Blast. Monferno used Fire Blast and Beldum fell to the ground. "OK, Go Pokebal" One, Two, Three, and CACHING, Beldum was caught. I went to get it and had it in my hand. "Nice, welcome" I got to say when the pokeball teleported away. "What happened. Is he going to be alright" I thought aloud. I quickly went to the Pokémon Center in Lil City, and healed my pokemon. While I waited for Monferno, I decided to call Prof. Birch. "Hello, who is this" Birch said. "Is me, I caught a pokemon and it teleported somewhere" I said. "Well,the max you can have in with you is six" Birch said. "What happens to the rest" I asked. "They are teleported here" Birch answer. "So" I said. "Yes, is Beldum right" Birch asked. "YES" I YELLED happily. I quickly went to a Video Caller in the Pokémon Center and called Birch there. "Hello" he said through video call. "How can I get Beldum" I asked. "Just, place any pokemon in that spot there, and then I'll sent Beldum" Birch said. I took time thinking. "Sorry, Steelix" I said through the pokeball, and I put him in the Spot. The pokeball teleported away and a new one came. "Hey, Thanks Birch "I said. "No problem, if you wish to switch, then come talk to me" He said hanging off. "Come out Beldum" I said. "Beldum" He said happy. "Guess your happy having a new trainer" I said. "Here's your Monferno" Nurse came to me. "Thanks" I said. "Return, Monferno, and Beldum" I sadi both going back to their pokeballs. I left the city and surf to Moss City (Mossdeep City). I went to the Pokémon Center and saw Flannery. "Hey there" I said. "Well isn't it Uriel, what's up" Flannery said. "Where's the next gym" I asked. "Well, it ain't here" Flannery said. I left the Pokémon Center and went to the gm to see what it said...
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