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The Blue Blur Backstory (Summercamp15): The Blue Blur/ Chapter 1: Starting Out Rough

by The Blue Blur

The Blue Blur #Summercamp15. Whatever I'm late... Well, this is the backstory of my pokesona. Art can be found here, http://pokecharms.com/works/chespin-line-sonic.11159/.
One beautiful day at the pokemon day care, the man that works there found an egg but, this egg seemed different.

The egg felt warm as he picked it up and held it. Instead of normal, circular, lime green spots, there were edgy, blue spots. The parents of this egg were a Chesnaught and a shiny, blue Ditto and they seemed to care for the egg as if it were any other. May be Pokemon are colorblind after all...

"What the..." He said to no one in paticuar beacause of his state of awe. Yes, handling eggs was his job but never before had he seen an egg quite like this. As he was about to walk inside, he saw a trainer ride his bike up to the fence.

"Well, have my egg or what!" He said in a rude, impolite manner. The kid wore a black hoodie, ripped navy jeans, high tops and a backwards cap. The boy looked as though he thought he was the greatest thing to walk on this Earth since Wonder Bread and Toilet Paper combined.

"Yes sir, I have it here. I have no idea what happend to it...I swear." He said as he shoved the egg into his hands.

"WHAT DID YOU DO!" He yelled as if he didn't pay any attention to what the man had told him. " I just wanted a normal egg!" He continued.

"Well, can you at least hatch it..." The day care man replied. "It could be worth it..."

"Whatever! Thanks for nothing." He snorted and took of with the egg.


"Hatch already!" The boy blunder yelled at the egg and he placed it onto the grass. It had already been fifteen minutes and he was tired of riding a bike and waiting for the egg to hatch that way. (At least he made it fifteen minutes...) He also started to throw pebbles at the egg to help make some cracks.

Just then, the boy heard a tear come from the egg. Then more tears and some cheesy, but catchy music played. The shell broke into 5 peices and after a bright flash of white light, came the new Pokemon.

"Finally my Ches- WHAT IN THE NAME OF GRANOLA ARE YOU!" He screeched as he saw what only he could describe as a "hideous beast". He was a light brown, like a skin color which was a little different from the brown a Chespin should have but that was about the only thing close to normal.

He was about one foot, seven inches which was 3 inches taller than the average Chespin. He had a dark blue outer shell and a light blue second skin? Or was that hair? It was hard to tell. He had yellow cheeks with a black, triangular nose and dark green eyes. He had this weird thing going on with his mouth and another case of that second skin or hair? Only, this time, it was second skin or white gloves. To top it all off, he had these feet shoes. they wern't shoes, they were his regular feet but red, with a white stripe and a buckle.

"Ches?" ("Huh?") It asked concerneldy as it heard it's so-called trainer scream like a little girl. "GET OUT! SCRAM! SAYONARA!" He said as he grabbed his bike from his backpack somehow and rode off into the sunset.

The new Chespin did not get the most warm welcome into the world but he decited to make a bittersweet tagline for himself, He got a part of his shell that was mostly cream colored and got a pen the jerk boy dropped and wrote,

Pin Chespin Ches Pins Chez

No crying until the end
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