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The Begining Chapter 2: The Truth

by Midnight Umbreon

Midnight Umbreon Its the Truth about The Twins Parents

Characters:Midnight the Shiny Eevee, Clover and Crystal the Eevee Twins.
Clover:Midnight its Time we told you about our Past.
Crystal: it all Happend 12 years ago. Me and Clover hatched from our eggs we found out there was no one around us and we were in a Burrow underground. We decided to look around but thats when we saw our parents dead.Our dad lying on the Ground with blood Coming out of his head and our Mother had a knife in her Heart.

Clover:We didint know what to do so we ran to the Surface.We kept running to find help until we were attacked by an Arbok.But thats when we were saved by a Leafeon.After the Arbok left we took him to our Burrow but he knew that our parents were dead and thats why he came he said he was my dads Brother and he came.Before we went with him we asked him how did he know he said that before we hatched our mother was drunk and killed our dad so He killed our mother before she tried to kill him.

Crystal:After that he took us in he fed us he teached us and we loved him until the bomb in the middle of the village.:(
Midnight:Whoa,im srry your uncle died.:(
Twins: dont wrry we will be alright
(Midnight hugs Clover and Crystal)
Twins:Thanks Midnight.
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  1. Midnight Umbreon
    Midnight Umbreon
    Hey Guys tell me what you think about this and when do you think I should make the next chapter
    Aug 17, 2015