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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: The Battle on Poor Town

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel is just a normal trainer from the Kalos that came to the New Hoenn to go on an Adventure. What will he find are Mysteries fro him...
I then left out of the Birch Labs when Birch came running to me. "Here take this" he said. "What is it" I asked. "This is a Pokedex, sort of clock thing" Birch said "This is a new type of pokedex we in Birch Labs made, it is easier to use than the normal one" he said. "Thanks" I said. "Here take this too" he said giving me 5 pokeballs. Then I went to the next skycrapper that was to the left of Birch Labs. The sign read "Pokémon World Tournaments" I then left Root City. Route 101 was just up ahead and I saw and scan a few pokemon like about 4. I battled two trainers in Route 101. Then there was where Oldale Town used to be but they changed it to Poor Town, since it lost attraction many move to Root City and abandoned their homes in Oldale. "What happened here" I asked a youngster. "Well many left" he said. "Why" I asked. "They moved to Root City or Norman's Town" He answer. "Norman's Town?" I asked. "That's were Petalburg City was" he said. "Hey wanna battle?" I asked him. "Sure" he said. "GO Meditite" I said.
"Go Sandshrew" He said. "Meditite use Confusion" "Sandshrew use Sand Tomb" Meditite then confused Sandshrew. "Oh No, Sandshrew" Sand Tomb then hit Meditite. "Now, Meditite use Confusion" I said and then Sanshrew fainted. Then it was night time and we both stayed in an abandoned house and slept there.
The Next morning, "Whats you name" the youngster asked. "I'm Uriel" I said "And you are" I asked. "I'm Gabriel, its a pleasure to meet you" he said. "Bye, I have to go now" I said. "Lets be rivals" Gabriel pointed out. "Sure, no problem" I said leaving Poor Town. In Route 101 I battled many trainers and gain experience then I reached Norman's Town (Petalburg City).