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by Ghostly-Hedgehog

S Memo_11.jpg
Ghostly-Hedgehog Tecteon the armor rock plate pokemon- This pokemon is known to be verry quiet and independent but it is known to flee if noticed. This pokemon's armor plates are verry thin but they will slide to help defend Tecteon. The plates on it are verry hard and will verry rarely break or crack.
Level up eevee while holding a Hard stone gaining the rock type
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  1. Kit-Kat Cat
    Kit-Kat Cat
    It looks like a dog. WOW ♥
    Jan 18, 2015
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  2. Ghostly-Hedgehog
    :blush: signatures, i kinda got crazy with them lol.
    Jan 7, 2015
  3. Aaronimations
    what is the stuff in the background
    Jan 6, 2015
  4. Pikachucat
    i love it : ]
    Jan 6, 2015