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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 9

by Scrafty

Scrafty Birthday!! Moren
Moren: Morning losers. Stretch ya little hands up because it is my birthday!!!
Lucas: Your birthday is in JUNE!!!!!!
Don: That is Lucas month.
Lucas: mine was on the 1st of June!
Moren: Yes Lucas and why are you surprised. Such a little kid. Need to learn more.
Lucas: Are ya calling me dumb.
Moren: Shut up pisqueak it is my birthday so do watever I say!
Lucas: No!!!
Moren:>=OYou leave me no choice.
Lucas: Actually you leave me a choice... To sweep ya out faddy!
Moren: Ya dirty minded scrat rat come here for some beatin.
Lucas: Eh..! I think ya need the beatin yo. It is your birthday after all. Birthday beats.
Moren: Oh flip!
Lucas: YAAAAHH!!!! SLaaap!!!!!
Moren: Ow. Slighty feel pain. Time for yours.
Lucas: Listen what Sally said.
Moren: Sally is stilll asleep so.
Beatin up.
Moren: I will put at the hall of shame Flukus.
Lucas: Come back ya posom!
Moren: Not a flipping possom! YA HEAR ME!!!!!>=O
Lucas: Ok.;_;
Don: Hey Lucas do you think that Mlren is a boxy bully pants.
Lucas: He is a '#£%"!!!
Lucas: Lick my butt.
Don: I am going to set you up tommorrow just wait.
Lucas: Not like you can nerd.
Don: Hm:?
Ok. I think Lucas has been acting like a complete fool.
Moren: I like your attitude to him.
Don: I am not going to fight him
Moren: It is my birthday so do what I say.
Don: Can we go on a quest.
Moren No quests today. IT'S MY BLOODY DAMN BIRTHDAY YOU HUSKY!!!!!
Don: Shut up crobat with a helmet on his head.
Moren: Well like that was a nice compliment.
Don: Uh forget it.
I am going to beat up Luc luc so I will show him my strength. I am in death mode.Lets see what happands in their fight
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