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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 7

by Scrafty

Scrafty You will see
They have reached Australia.
Moren: Interesting country. Oh by the way it is in Sydney.
Lucas: A long walk for us.:@:'|
When reached.
Moren: Stop bullyin that pokemon mr slabutt. Let's kick some butt!!
Moren: We have saved you.
Sydney: I got something to tell you. My name is Sydney. I have a resturant. Want to come.
Moren: I have no money.
Sydney: For saving me free.
Moren: I like Australias scent already.
After and now back.
Terry: Dinner time.
Group 1: We are full.
Terry: Woah!
Moren: We went to a resturant in Australia.
Lucas: For free.
Don: Can't with stand this.
Sally: Your country hat you have been in for 3 years is crap!!
Jacub: Tke that back wussy!!
Terry: SHUT UP!!!!!! It looks like you don't get dinner. You can have dinner if ya want later on. Ok guys.
Don: Oh no!
Moren: Hey Don! I have something for ya... I am sorry for getting in a fight for you. I am sorry.
Don: Woah.
Lucas: Unexpected!!!<.>
Moren and Don: Shhhhhh....... Moron!!!
Moren: Make up.
Don: Make up.
Sally: That is so damn cute, Hm,hm,hmmm.
Jacub: Cuter than your mama!!!
Sally: You will regret that.
Jacub: Haaaaaa.
At bedtime.
Lucas: Yawn. Before I go bed I heard that there is trespasser in this place. He comes at midnight.
Don: You know what he looks like.
Lucas: I don't think he is from here.
Lucas: Let's search around.
Don: I hear some shady guy. I know it is Joseph.
Lucas: Joseph?!
Don: Just follow me. Ok getting closer. THERE!!!!! You traitor!!!!!!
Joseph: No!!!! Don't you dare be a snitch.
Lucas: Don't be a snitch yo. Ya already told him off twice.
Lucas: No!
Lucas takes Don's Dynamicpunch.
Lucas: I.. am ... going too....faint@.@
Don: What has he done. Trying to save a traitor. I am going to wreck you Joseph.
Joseph: Care for him bro. He saved ma life yo. Ya need to look at yourself in da mirror and say "Boy boy I made a mistake", and the traitor is u not moi. BYE!!! Loser!!
Don: Is Lucas alright.
Doc: Yep. Here he is.
Don: Hi Lucas sorry for hurting you.
Lucas: Get out my way fat turd. I hate you forever. And if you snitched you will be the traitor.
Don: Uh.
Lucas: MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
Don: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Oh it was just a dream.
Don: mmm.....:?
Let's say what happends tomorrow.
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