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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 26

by Scrafty

Scrafty Thoughts about the end of the 1 year dungeon exploration.
Lucas: We are back at the dungeon doing our original things. *Sigh*
Don: I feel really sad now that I just remembered that it's almost the end of our explornation together.
Moren: ... I actually will miss you guys and girl.
Sally: Why are you talking about it now, it's not time yet.
Don: Well still...
Daniel: I can't believe I am leaving already. Well I can afford it again though.
Don: Well it seems that its the British's turn next year. That reminds me...
Lucas: Oh well... We had a very long year!
Moren: Let's stop blabbing about crap like this and do one of our duties to save a pokemon.
Don: Okay!
Moren: Our duty is to travel to a LEGENDARY!!!
Don: Holy moly with a bowl of macaroni that a pony is eating!
Lucas: Ha, try and say that 5 times fast.
Don: Shut up and stop acting like a juvenile kid and lets go!
Lucas: I am not that young!
After they reach there
Sally: This place is beautiful, too!
Don: Okay. This place is now full of rubies! What the heck!?
Sally: Shut up you fat oaf and lets grab those Rubies!
Don: Who you calling a fat oaf you ugly looking viking!
Sally: :@
Don: Don't make that face!
Moren: This is filler! Okay, now lets go before I faint in BOREDOM!!!!!!!
Daniel: Okay, is this like Glacier Cave but diamonds replaced with puny rubies?!
Sally: Shut your mouth, you Cheap barstard.
Moren: Watch that potty mouth Sally and please stop yapping Daniel. I really just want to get pass this.
Jacub: I am knocked out. It is tiring.
Daniel: And sadly I left my Segway at home.
Moren: Yeah, you'll lose weight and get more excersize, well lets scurry on!
At the peak
Sally: Wow, what a divine review!
Don: It is actually pretty beautiful.
Lucas: I'll take a ruby. Also I like a sandwhich.
Jacub: I bought a small pack canned bread though.
Ionna: Hello my dear pokemon. I am the ruby legendary called Ionna. I am the rarest legendary of this region.
Sally: Oh, hi.:p
Jacub: Woah, you looks so cute!:love:
Ionna: If you are on a level of trying to marry me, you can't because im genderless.
Jacub: Okay.
Ionna: I needed to give you a rare treasure chest with a present to give you. (ALL)!
Sally: OMG! I got a 100 box of Rubies, Emeralds even Diamonds, Sapphires, Pearls...! Excuse me guys. I have a really descriptive paragraph to tell you.
These are the most beautiful looking Rares I have ever seen with my eyes. Elegantly, fly to the air holding all of these and kissing them like they are my dream husband and I will elope to it and marry to it if it was possible. I love it!
Moren: Okay, let's go home and look at our prizes
Everyone: Yeah!
Sally: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I am a RICHSTER!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is close to the end.;_;;_;I will miss this series.