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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 24

by Scrafty

Scrafty Glacier Cave p1
Lucas: Well another day today.
Don: Ok let's see what quests we have to accept today.
Moren: Go too... Glacier Cave to get a precious item for me...? WHAT!? That pokemon is lazy.
Don: What rare item is it?
Moren: The glacier crystal!
Sally: Wel I am not getting my booty out of this dungeon for an item.
Moren: It's a shiny, gold crystal?
Sally: Only I I get it.
Moren: Ugh! There are loads!
Sally: Well let's go!

Alex: Well here is the path.
Daniel: Well I am going to use my Segway.
Jacub: Cool! Can I have one?
Daniel: Sorry bro but the don't sell it around this area.
Jacub: And how'd you control it?
Daniel: Well you tilt your body the direction where you want go.
Moren: Stop yapping and get a move on!

Half way.
Sally: My legs are frigid cold and I am out of breath.
Moren: Well we have to walk all the way.
Daniel: I have not broke my legs yet. It Is still calm and comfortable.
Moren: Well, you lazy slug, you are riding a Segway thing. How much does it cost?
Daniel: Over 300'000 PKM.
Moren: Where did you get the money from.
Daniel: I won the lottery and changed, until I was randomly transported to this guild thing.
Moren: Well lets walk on.
At he entrance
Sally: My legs need a rest.
Jacub: Luckily, half way through Daniel gave me a ride on his back while on the Segway.
Moren: Does that thing run out of batteries.
Daniel: I don't think so?
Moren: Well at least we are at the entrance.
Lucas: We did fly through some but our wings got frigid cold so we walked.
Don: Oh yeah. I brought hand warmers on the way.
Moren: Gmme one now!
Don: Here. Jus don't eat me!!!
Moren: I am no vore kinda guy! Thanks for that.
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