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SSB64 Adventures: Super Smash Bros. 64 Adventures #4 Hyrule Castle and Planet Zebes

by nooblynob

nooblynob #summercamp15 Donkey Kong and Fox set off from Congo Jungle to Hyrule Castle. They are going to meet Link and team up with him. They will figure out why Samus was trying to kill them. SIDE NOTE: Please do not report this writing for saying Donkey Kong did a sex kick. That is actually what his back air is called. I am dead serious.
Hyrule, Hyrule Castle.

Donkey Kong and Fox entered Hyrule Castle through a slanted green part of the roof. Link was sitting on a small platform above the ground, waiting for them. "We're here, Link!" Fox yelled. "Finally, took you long enough" Link said. "Do you even know where Congo Jungle is?" Donkey Kong asked. "DK Island. It's not that hard to figure out" Link answered. "Then figure out how far DK Island is from Hyrule" Donkey Kong said. "Anyway, what are you guys here for?" Link asked. "Have you noticed Samus acting strange lately?" Fox asked Link. "No, but I noticed Captain Falcon was. He was talking in this robotic-ish voice and saying he was going to destroy Dream Land" Link said. "That's exactly the same as Samus! Except she was trying to destroy Congo Jungle" Donkey Kong told Link. "We need to figure out what's going on" Fox said. Donkey Kong and Link agreed. "So where should we look first?" Donkey Kong wondered aloud. "Planet Zebes" Fox replied "Samus and Captain Falcon both share that stage as their home stage. They'll probably be there" "Let's go there then" Donkey Kong agreed. "One thing" Donkey Kong said "How far is Planet Zebes from Hyrule?" "About one hour away" Link answered. Fox had already started walking away. "Fox is a little impatient, we'd better get going" DK whispered to Link. They stopped at Congo Jungle to pick up the box with items in it. They put the Capsules back in it, just in case. "Pretty snazzy items you got there, Donkey Kong" Link said. "LETS JUST FREAKING GO OKAY" Fox yelled. "Okay, calm down Fox" Donkey Kong told him. They set off for Planet Zebes with the box of items in hand. They went through the Barrel Cannon and started walking towards Planet Zebes.

Planet Zebes, Planet Zebes.

They entered through a small straight platform. It was the tallest of the other 2 platforms, one was straight, and another one was diagonal. DK, Fox and Link heard voices. They looked down from the platform. They saw what they were hoping for. It was Captain Falcon and Samus. Fox jumped off the platform down to them. "Hey, you bunch of scrubs! Come fight me!" Fox taunted (literally). "Fox, you are such an idiot" Link muttered to himself. Donkey Kong heard Link. "He's already been noticed, all we can do is back him up for this fight" DK said. "Good point" Link replied. They both jumped down from the top platform. The fight had already started. Fox had up smashed C. Falcon, but got down throwed by Samus. DK ran up and rolled behind Samus, then back throwed her off the stage. He did a forward air and spiked her but the lava rising from below had saved her by knocking her back upwards. Link hadn't noticed the lava until then. "RUN!!!!" Link shouted. He jumped up to the second tallest platform, safe from the lava. Fox did a down air into shine cancel on Captain Falcon, but then got pummeled and down throwed. Captain Falcon hit Fox with the two kicks, but it wasn't enough to kill Fox. Captain Falcon taunted, but right as he did, Link threw a bomb at him. "Looks like I showed you my moves, Falcon" Link joked. Captain Falcon didn't even smile at the joke. "You have a horrible sense of humor" Donkey Kong said to Falcon from across the stage. Samus recovered from offstage and shot a missile at DK. It hit him but he teched it and threw Samus offstage again. Fox grabbed Falcon while Link kept shooting arrows at him. Then Fox did an up throw into up air. Donkey Kong did a sex kick on Samus to almost knock her into the blast zone. She recovered, but Donkey Kong did an uncharged Giant Punch on Samus to knock her out (not kill). DK then sat to the left of the stage, eating a banana while Link and Fox double teamed Captain Falcon. Link threw another bomb at Falcon, and Fox did a raw forward smash. Captain Falcon was knocked out (still not killed) "You defeated Samus and Captain Falcon. I am impressed" A mysterious voice said "But now you will be joining them" "I don't care who that is or if this is a prank, RUN!!!!!" Link said. All three ran away from Planet Zebes as fast as their running speed would let them. "You can't escape" The voice said again. Fox looked back while he was running. "It's Master Hand! I should've known!" Fox said. "We need to go warn the others" DK told them. "Let's go find Ness and Kirby" Link said "come on guys!" Dream Land wasn't too far from Planet Zebes. They would just need to get Master Hand off their trail. Fox shot some lasers back at Master Hand, then kept running. Dream Land could be seen in the distance, since it was only the afternoon and there was plenty of light. The sun was shining bright and the sky was filled with puffy clouds and it was very blue. They were running through a forest type place, they came to a fork in the road and went left. They were going in the direction of Dream Land. Master Hand didn't know where they went, and took a right. All three had lost Master Hand. "Great job, guys! Now let's get to Dream Land" Fox said. They stopped for a bit to catch their breath, then walked to Dream Land. After a while, they started to get hungry. Luckily, Donkey Kong had bananas in case of an emergency. "I always keep these bananas with me, you never know when you'll need them" He explained. "How far is Dream Land now?" Fox asked. "About 10 minutes" Link answered. It was pretty hot outside, and they started to get sweaty. "Does anybody have water?" Donkey Kong said, wiping sweat from off his forehead. "I'll check" Link replied. Link dug around in his pack, looking for water. "I got nothing, only a bottle that could be filled" Link told them. "Perfect!" Fox said. "Why is that perfect? Having no water is horrible" Donkey Kong said. "We need to find a source of water, fill the bottle up, and then I'll use my Fire Fox to get all the salt and stuff out of the water!" Fox answered. "I guess we could try it. Start looking guys" Link ordered. Donkey Kong climbed a tree to lookout for a source of water. Fox dug around in the bushes, looking at the other side to see if there was anything. Link cut some brambles in half with his sword to look for water. "Anybody find anything?" Fox called back. "I see a river not that far from here!" Donkey Kong said. "Nice work, Donkey Kong. Lead the way!" Link told him. They walked over to the river, which wasn't far from Dream Land, and filled the glass bottle. "I don't need to use my Fire Fox, this is fresh water" Fox told them. They ended up having to fill it 6 times, everyone was that thirsty. Link stored water in the glass bottle and put the lid on. "Alright, no more stopping. We're getting to Dream Land this time!" Link said. Finally, they walked to Dream Land. Link had to cut brambles out of the way once in a while, otherwise they didn't stop. Dream Land was very close now. They started running towards it to meet up with Kirby and Ness. (End, hope you all enjoyed! Thank you for reading part four! Also, this is the first part to include two stages.)
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