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the 4 legends: stevens adventure: the rival

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain
Steven was walking alone in the forests of kalos when he was thinking of what can happen to him
"will I meet new friends? will I defeat my first gym leader? will I meet the man who took care of me again?"
when suddenly he was ambushed by a nine tails "nine tailsssssssss!" said the nine tails

charmeleon I choose you!!! (his charmander evolved)

after the battle Steven was wandering how can a nine tails be wild

when he noticed a team rocket member in a battle with a trainer

he was not wearing the uniform, but Steven knew he was one by the dark pink R tattoo
on his neck, he was wearing a navy blue Robin hood like clothes and a fancy hat with
a reddish purple feather on it

suddenly the team rocket member noticed Steven and said "I don't care if someone have send you to spy on me, what I care is that you can be a good source of EXP for my Pokémons" and then he sends out a dragonair and an onix as Steven sends charmeleon and scyther.
(to be continued)
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