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Steve vs Emmett

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Emmett vs Steve
Steve and Emmett were both placed as toys in a little arena. Suddenly, they both came to life and saw each other. They thought each other were enemies, so the fight began. Emmett got built a fire breathing metal suit and ran at Steve. The Mine-Crafter pulled out the Diamond Sword and swung at Emmett, which dented the suit. Emmett slammed the suit’s fist on Steve’s head, then picked Steve up and tossed him away. Steve took his bow out and began shooting. They bounced off the suit and Emmett laughed, but ducked when an arrow was shot at his head. Emmett gave Steve the stink eye, then fired a fire ball from the suit. Steve blocked by putting the Emerald Armor on, and ran at Emmett. Just as Steve hit it, the machine exploded and Emmett was sent flying in the air. The Master Builder quickly built a jet with lasers, and took off. Steve yelped as a laser was shot at his foot, then was shot in the face, lighting it on fire. Steve jumped in some water and sighed, but was then shot in the head. Steve grunted, then began the arrow barrage again. Emmett easily dodged in his jet, then began firing again. Steve managed to dodge then took out the Iron Axe. He tossed it at the jet, which broke off one of the wings and Emmett soared down, screaming: “MAYDAY! MAYDAY!”. Emmett jumped out with a parachute and sighed in relief, then built a giant dinosaur like mecha and jumped in. Steve panicked, then had an idea. He pulled out an animal, and jumped on it. The baby Ender Dragon. Steve’s pet began firing fireballs, which damaged the mecha. Emmett fired a plasma blast from his mecha, which singed Steve’s chest. Steve then jumped off the Ender Dragon, which flew out of the arena, and onto Emmett’s dinosaur. Steve broke the glass that protected Emmett and tackled him. Emmett screamed and jumped out, then built a light saber. The two clashed blades, until falling down. Steve had Emmett in a good position, with Emmett’s light saber broken. Just as Steve tried impaling Emmett, the dinosaur stomped on Steve, squishing him into a tiny rectangle, which exploded. Emmett then let out a loud ‘WOOHOO!”.
This fight’s winner is:
  1. Mewtwofan259
    You know, I suggest explaining why they win, like I do. Or is it just the character you like best that you make win?
    Jun 20, 2015