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Stat Stadium Voting 2#

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
If you got an idea for a fight, leave it in the comments. I'll eventually do all of them.
If you think I'm lying, just listen to these happy customers!
Kevin (Disguised as a clown): I got my Pacman vs Kirby fight! (Nose falls off) Oops.
Screwball (Has a mustache): I got Patrick vs Dukey! (Takes a sip of soda, and mustache starts sticking to it) AHHH! GET IT OFF!!!!!
So leave a comment for a fight, and we are sure that it'll happen!
Once 3 fights have been requested, they will have to be voted for. The fight with the most votes is in!
  1. SuperPikachuBro
    I wanna see Angry Birds vs. Flappy Bird...
    Dec 15, 2014